10 Wallpaper Designs That Trick The Eye

There’s no better treat than a cheeky trick of the eye. Hi, Maria here! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on wallpaper designs that deceive at first glance (or as the French call it – Trompe L’Oeil), along with 10 fabulous wallpapers you can achieve here at NewWall. 

By far the most pleasing of interior themes in the mystery/thriller genre, the deceptive Trompe L’Oeil designs have been used throughout both real, and fictional history to conceal interior secrets. And, they’re a surprisingly easy way to bring a charming bit of character to your space. Believe me, I know.

My Experience With Design Trickery

I decided it was time to add a little Trompe L’Oeil into my home. I wanted to add character to the space in a way that wouldn’t tire quickly. After some thought, I decided to do a little nod to the secret rooms of Versailles. 

As you can see, we went for Coordonné’s Lao Zi in Chia Seed. This bright, sophisticated wallpaper works wonders in my dining room – and by continuing the design across the door, we added a little touch of trickery for a whimsical, cheery feel.

Wood you look at that!

Now, if you’ve had a browse on any social media explore pages recently, you’ll have seen a few hundred posts displaying DIY paneling. The latest in interior trends; paneling, like Trompe L’Oeil, has been around for a long time. So, why not blend the two themes, with one of these gorgeous designs from Wall&Deco and Coordonné? It’s less work than glueing wood to your walls – that’s for sure!

The Boiserie Gogery (left), and the Eyes in the Dark (centre), are wonderful ways to inject a Victorian feel into your space – while the Kha (right) is perfect for those looking to create a 70’s vibe.

The Faux Window

Don’t have a dream view? No problem, simply fake it! Faux windows have been tricking visitors with their portal-esque qualities since the 17th century. And, depending on the design you go for, they can be pretty convincing, too. Take these three designs from Wall&Deco, for example.

These designs are expertly created for realism – promising to leave your guests puzzled by your Tardis-like interior. 

Interesting fact: faux windows rose to popularity throughout Europe in the 17th century, thanks to the introduction of the window tax. To save the shillings, families would brick up their windows and opt for faux views instead!

Delve Into Shelves

To finish up this lesson in Trompe L’Oeil, we have to talk about the faux shelf effect. One of the most iconic interior trickeries, the bookshelf door, can be done in more ways than 1. Of course, the most obvious is to physically replace the door with a functional bookcase – but really, who has the time?! 

Instead, I recommend you go for a wallpaper that disguises the door in plain sight (not unlike my use of the Lao Zi). For a hyper-realistic wow factor, you should go for the Ceramic Fauna from Coordonné. Not only is it an incredible illusion, but it’s ideal for a house of little ones too – just think,  the aesthetic of ceramic ornaments without the risk of disaster!

Don’t be afraid to veer away from realism for these designs, though. You could instead go for something a little different, like the Apotheka or Error Hominum, seen below. These of course can still work to conceal a door, but they do also make for a charming feature without any hidden surprises.

So, there we have it. My 10 picks for wallpaper designs that trick the eye. If you’d like to learn more about the style of Trompe L’Oeil, then be sure to check out our blog on the subject.