3 Ways to Introduce Chinoiserie into Your Space

Looking to shake up your interior style in 2023? We have one word for you. Chinoiserie. Timeless and elegant yet chic and fresh, read on to discover all about this style and 3 ways you can introduce it to your space using wallcoverings from NewWall.

A little about Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is a stylistic concept that draws inspiration from Eastern cultures, particularly China. The name stems from “Chinoise” (the French word for China), and the style was born from a fascination and love for Far Eastern culture, art and landscapes.

But (and here’s where confusion often comes), it’s not a direct copy of the Eastern style. Instead, Chinoiserie relies on the artist’s imagination and perception of the Far East. It’s a celebration of possibility and an exploration of creativity.  

This style was born in the 17th Century and grew to peak popularity in the early 18th Century.  Chinoiserie captured interest because it allowed people to express their wanderlust, at a time when travel wasn’t really a possibility to the masses. This style so perfectly captures the essence of the era – curiosity of culture.

But where does Chinoiserie fit in today? Here are our 3 recommendations.

1. Try a Minimalist Approach

Many modern Chinoiserie designs offer the opportunity to blend this historic concept with modern features. Personally, we adore the minimalist approach. Take a Chinoiserie design wallcovering, and pair it with modern, sleek and simple furnishings to create a clean, stylish look that oozes class. 

The key to pairing Chinoiserie with a minimalist style is to not go too loud with your wallcovering selection. You want a design that uses the concept elements but isn’t too busy.

Nox, Epic and Floresta all give a modern flavor to Chinoiserie and are our ultimate suggestions for those looking to try the minimalist approach.

Use It as a Mood Maker

Chinoiserie has the power to transform more than just walls, it can make the mood of your space. From playful and charismatic to calming and serene, you can enhance your interiors by selecting a Chinoiserie wallcovering that manipulates the mood of the viewer, to best match your intentions for the space.  

The key when seeking mood makers is to decide what you want to achieve before you browse. That way, you can spot the mood when you shop, and make the decision process a little easier.

Alijibe, Ueris and Daffodil are beautiful examples of mood makers in action.

3. Create Notes of Nostalgia

Not all interiors have to take a modern approach – you could instead use Chinoiserie to instil notes of nostalgia and celebrate this historic feature, by using traditional pairings. We’re particularly obsessed with this approach in period properties – as it works to highlight the heritage of the space.

Victoria Prima Vera and Chinoiserie 2.0 offer wonderful ways to pay homage to history. 

We hope you enjoyed this dive into the style of Chinoiserie. Did you know, here at NewWall you’ve access to a full array of Chinoiserie-inspired designs? Explore today.