4 Watercolor Designs That Elevate Your Interiors

Has your browse here at NewWall caused inspiration overload? With such an exciting, eclectic collection of wallpapers and fabrics to choose from, we understand how the options can be overwhelming. Our advice is to decide on a style before you shop. And, this blog is here to help with that! 

Let’s explore the power of watercolor wallpaper designs and how they can elevate your interior.

A little about watercolor

We know what you’re thinking – “watercolor? Now that doesn’t need an introduction”.  But did you know how integrated this ancient form of art is within our human heritage?

Water-based creations are scattered throughout our history, from the prehistoric cave paintings through the pyramids in ancient Egypt. And still, today artists are finding new applications of this ancient artistic tool.

To use watercolor in your interiors is to celebrate the rich and incredible journey of human existence.  But, that doesn’t mean you have to go creating your very own cave paintings (more power to you if you want to,  though!). We instead invite you to explore these stunning watercolor designs here at NewWall.

A little about Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is one of our all-time favorites for watercolor wallpapers. Each design created by this New Zealand design house is a response to the nature that surrounds us. Every piece in each collection is an amalgamation of artistic techniques – handmade marks, drawings, paintings or experiments along with digital processes. A significant amount of her work uses watercolor – especially to create a texture that’s familiar in nature. Let’s take a look.

Be Botanical, with Bloom

Earthy yet beautiful, strong yet delicate, Bloom is a perfect way to bring modern watercolor into your space. By layering a simple watercolor pattern, Bloom embodies the falling blossoms of trees in Spring time, and works to elevate your interior by injecting fresh energy to your space.

Love the lines, with Journey

In life, it’s not always about the destination, but the journey. An important mantra to carry with you day to day,  Journey can serve as a wonderful reminder of this.

 A non-repeating mural, Journey creates shape and texture through a single brushstroke. With twists, turns, deadends and new adventures, this simple, linear design is a wonderful (and stylish) message to live in the moment, and to always enjoy the journey.

All about Abstract, with Sediment

Sediment is inspired by the geological history of New Zealand. Thick brush strokes of watercolor are layered to create depth and a feeling of descent. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, Sediment is a wonderful mural for those looking to modernise their space.

Go for Geometric, with Veil

Too often, people assume geometric designs = harsh lines and vibrant shapes. Veil proves this wrong. Using watercolor to capture the delicate form of hanging fabric gently shifting in a summer breeze, Veil’s light pallet, coupled with the transparent, irregular geometric blocks works beautifully to create a unique yet subtle design feature in your space.

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into watercolor, Emma Hayes and interior possibilities. Be sure to shop our full range of designs from Emma Hayes today.

Want to learn more about the designer herself? Meet Emma Hayes.