5 Interior Trends to Watch in 2023: Reconnecting with Roots

As the new year rapidly approaches, I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to the possibilities and adventures that await in 2023. While some will surely be a surprise, there are others I’ve spotted on the horizon already.. And unsurprisingly, the ones that stand out are the coming interior trends. So, here are my predictions for what will be coming in hot for interiors in 2023.

Home offices: levelled up

It’s safe to say, the lockdowns had a profound, lasting effect on everyday life. 

One of the few positives of that trying period, was the introduction of working from home as the norm. Unlike the endless banana bread baking and hoarding of toilet rolls, this particular trend from the pandemic has only grown. 

So, it stands to reason that home offices will experience a serious level-up in 2023. If you’re spending most of your day in there, you want it to be fabulous. 

Personally, I went bold with my home office, with this stunning golden number from Candice Kaye Designs.

Golden Lotus Mylar added luxury and warmth to my home office, and I promise it would do the same for you. 

If you’re after something a little less bold, I’d recommend La Citta Fluida. An enviable backdrop for any Zoom meeting!

Sustainable is the new sexy

It’s impossible to ignore the need for sustainable living anymore. As we all start to take accountability and caring more deeply for our planet, I believe it’ll bleed into our design choices too.

Especially now there are eco-friendly beauties, like the above from Emma Hayes and Cope.

Gothic in all its glory

Now, this may be controversial, but I see a serious gothic trend on the horizon.

A style we’ve been embracing in our showroom, here at NewWall we firmly believe that all things deep and dark will be the in thing for 2023.

That’s sooo 70s

The colors and furnishings of the 1970s have been sneaking back into the scene for a while now. By 2023, I believe they’ll return in their full glory. From the sweet simplicity of G plan furniture, to the bright patterned wallpaper and mustard features, get ready to welcome all things 70’s into your space.

Oh My, Murals

Call it wanderlust or a simple appreciation for nature, but I sense that nature-inspired murals will be big in 2023.  A beautiful way to expand on the idea of a feature wall, nature murals transport your space to a completely different setting. A fact that’s beautifully demonstrated by Coordonné, below.

So, that concludes my predictions for 2023. Ready to start exploring design possibilities? Be sure to check out my hand-selected picks from NewWall, today.