6 Things To Know Before You Wallpaper Your Ceiling

For the future of innovative spaces, design experts are looking to make a statement. 

Look around you. What do you see? Four walls… maybe more depending on your space. Now, look up. Yes, at your ceiling. You have a space for the possibility to go beyond your comfort zone and visually enhance your space. At the end of the day it’s all in the details, and why do we stick to a traditional, white space ceiling? 

We’ve carefully selected our favourite Celestial designs to inspire your visionary ideas. Celestial has connotations of astronomy, divine heavens and ethereal beauty. As we look up to the sky at night we can see the moon and stars in perfect harmony and serenity.

Whether you’re looking to add precision to a room or brighten up your living environment, you can find solace in knowing that adding wallpaper to your ceiling will do the trick. But be warned, it can be an arduous task if you don’t take into account these dos and don’ts!

1. Make sure your ceiling is a good candidate for wallpaper.

The best way to start is to check your ceiling. Is it an appropriate canvas to present wallpaper? You must make sure that the ceiling isn’t prone to lumps, bumps and cracks. Make sure to avoid applying wallpaper on a stippled (popcorn) ceiling to ensure a level and even texture for the laying of wallpaper. 

If your ceiling passes all of the checks, you are good to go!

2. Don’t underestimate the prep time!

We all know great things take time! Preparation is key to getting your design goals spot on. Many people use a set of ladders to reach the ceiling space and get to a good distance from the ceiling. Alternatively, a safer option could be to arrange a platform to stand on so that you have more space and stability to move around.  Take your time cleaning your ceiling and make sure flakey paint or loose debris is removed. Washing your ceiling with clean water will ensure a fresh surface to start your work.

3. Know your interior design aesthetic.

Do you know your design style? If the answer is no, take note of your surroundings. What is the common theme of the room? You may adopt a pattern of certain tones, colors, furniture heights, size and texture. Here is a list of some popular design styles: 

  • Transitional Interior Design
  • Traditional Interior Design
  • Modern Interior Design
  • Eclectic Interior Design
  • Contemporary Interior Design
  • Minimalist Interior Design
  • Mid Century Modern Interior Design
  • Bohemian Interior Design
  • Modern Farmhouse Interior Design
  • Shabby Chic Interior Design

 See more styles here.

4. Purchase wallpaper samples.

Now to delve into the design element of the process. Try and refrain from buying the first wallpaper pattern you see! The best way to get inspired and start brainstorming is to obtain wallpaper samples. By doing so, you can choose the design your heart desires based on your interior design style and knowledge. Seeing the wallpaper up close and personal amongst the surroundings of the room gives you a clear mindset of your vision. 

Why not explore the House of Hackney Cosmos collection? You could grab a sample of the Cosmos Midnight paper featuring a mesmerizing display of constellation imagery. Find your eyes wandering the plethora of illustrated creatures that represent each of the twelve astrological signs.  If you have a deep-rooted antique aesthetic or find Greek mythology something of interest, you will find an attraction to this piece.

5. Let’s talk about materials….

Experimenting with different patterns

Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond! Whether you are looking to add a minimalist touch or divulge in a pop of vibrant color, weigh up your options! You have total creative control and let’s get one thing straight – if you’re planning on adding wallpaper to your ceiling, you’re hardly conventional in your ways!

Sticking to the celestial theme, take a look at Wallpaper Projects’ Oro 1 wallcovering. Imagine looking up at your ceiling and losing yourself in a cluster of divine stars. When featured in the bedroom,  the magical nature of the mural can cure the most exploratory and curious mind into an abyss of deep sleep.

Consider fragile materials 

You will come across some wallpaper materials that are fragile and more susceptible to damage. However, using such materials can work extremely well on ceilings, knowing that they won’t be dented or scratched. It’s definitely worth considering textile, glass bead or grasscloth materials to accentuate the view of the ceiling.

6. Consider it for your little one’s space!

We know that children are moved and drawn by their environment. They develop and engage with patterns, shapes, colours and atmospheres. Featuring ceiling wallpaper in a child’s environment would be a fantastic way to enact a sense of playfulness, creativity and vibrance into their everyday living. Whether you are looking to inspire, or initiate a sense of balance and tranquility into your little one’s life, we have the paper for you.

Via Lactea Noche from the Coordonné collection is a perfect example of enhancing a child’s atmosphere, promoting relaxation, creativity and playfulness. The celestial stars promote the idea of space and astronomy from an early age, giving children the first glimpse into the beauty of the sky at night.

We hope this has helped with your insight on the steps to take when hanging wallpaper on your ceiling. If you’d like to explore our Celestial Universe style further, please visit our Shop by style page or even order a sample online.

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