6 Ways to Include Stripes in Your Home

Stripes. An unwavering staple in fashion and interior design for centuries, they truly are timeless. Once synonymous with jesters in the 1300s, stripes were propelled into the mainstream by Coco Chanel’s adoption of them in her nautical collection inspired by navy seamen.

This surge in popularity has led to the pattern becoming a design staple in fashion and in homes to this day. While often considered a bold or repetitive design choice, stripes are an incredibly versatile print and can be used virtually anywhere in your interior to suit a whole host of tastes.

Here at NewWall, we’re delighted to share with you a glimpse of the design possibilities that striped wallpaper & fabrics hold.

1 – Go bold with Classic Stripes

Where else could we possibly start, than with the classic stripe? Stripes in the rawest form consist of narrow to thick bands of two-tone varieties. The bold nature of wide stripes is emphasized by the contrasting colors they present and are the perfect choice for those looking to add drama and fluidity to a space.

No matter where you choose to install your classic striped wallpaper by the likes of Wall&decó and Coordonné, from hallways to living rooms they promise to invigorate the overall aesthetic.

When using the wide-striped designs featured below such as Marley Malek Kids and Tres Tintas, we recommend you let the stripes be the life of the party. They have the power to act as the spotlight and focal point for your space.

Artwork and accessories should be kept minimal to allow for the stripes to flourish as a conversational element and tell their own unique story.

2 – Layer Traditional Stripes with Contrasting Prints

Stripe patterns are perfect for layering. While some choose to experiment with multiple patterns in their space through upholstery, why not create visual impact with layered patterns on your walls?

The stripes in these designs by House of Hackney and Wall&decó  act as a dominant, repetitive pattern adding order to the room.  While the overlaid floral and animal prints roam free, disrupting the structure and adding a captivatingly beautiful dimension.

3 – Rebel Against Conventional Stripes

Perhaps you have a flair for design rebellion and consider stripes to be largely conventional? If so, we encourage you to delve further into their potential. The possibilities are endless.

Experiment with vivid, artistic textures as shown in Calico’s Mira and Milos and Noir designs.

Or, add depth and intrigue with non-straight lines as seen in the innately fascinating Aplomb and Dizzy Stripes design by Wall&decó.

Another unique striped design by Wall&decó is Bambu. Weaving in and out of the stripes are colorful strips of bamboo, creating vibrance and intrigue against the muted gray background. This design is available in three colorways to suit your interior.

4 – Add Order to Nature Through Confined Stripes

By its very being, the natural world is free and unconfined. Many designs by the likes of Timorous Beasties explore nature in all its glory with foliage and insects crawling abundantly. If you’re drawn to the beauty of nature but prefer your interior to be a little more ordered, we invite you to discover the following designs where insects, birds and trailing plants are ordered into regimented, perfectly placed stripes.

5 – Go Abstract with Stripes

Who said stripes can’t be abstract and feature multiple colors?  Make a real statement with these incredibly bold pieces that feature stripes by Coordonné  and Timorous Beasties (pictured below).

There’s a saying that goes, “art is the only way to run away without leaving home”. This couldn’t be more evident in these designs, and they promise to instantly transform your space. Embrace abstract stripes to add visual delight to your room and observe how they work alongside multiple colors, textures and patterns to evoke emotions in a nonlinear way.

6 – Use Stripes in Upholstery

If you’re looking for a way to introduce a much-needed haven into your home, then I recommend a curved futon with a light, neutral pallet. For the best results, you can’t beat a soft wallcovering, such as our Nebula Mist design from Emma Hayes.

A space for relaxation, meditation, or maybe just somewhere to unwind with a coffee and magazine…what a dream. 

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