7 Ways To Decorate Metallics At Home Using Wallpaper

Are you looking for a way to spice up your interior? Well, here at NewWall, we have the answer. Metallics. Join us, as we explore 7 incredible ways to introduce metallics into your space with Coordonné’s Random Metallics wallpaper (number 6 will surprise you!).

A little about metallics

Unlike other trends, metallics are a style that stands the test of time. Consistently ebbing and flowing throughout interior innovations, metallics can be used to add a twist to tradition, create an enchanting character or add a modern memento to an interior. The question is, how will you use it? Here are our top 7 ways to style metallics into your space.

1. Start small

A little unsure of metallics? Then simply start small, by Introducing a metallic wallpaper into a corner of your room.

If you work from home and aren’t spoilt for space, this is the ideal style for you. Surround your corner with a warm, vibrant wallpaper, like Nympha Pink from Coordonné. This will work to create a more obvious contrast between your work and rest space, which is a great way to boost productivity and create more of a separation, and help encourage more of a work/life balance – something we can all do with!

Not a home worker? No problem, use this idea to create a simple reading corner instead. Add a couple of shelves and adorn them with your favorite books and house plants, then polish off with a feature reading light and a comfy armchair, for a cosy corner you can relax in.

2. Go bold, with black
and gold

If you’re ready to make a statement, then there’s no better way than to go bold. Black and gold metallic wallpaper is a wonderful way to introduce this style into your space. For an office or creative area, we recommend Gatsby Black. A nod to Art Deco excellence, this design from Coordonné transports you to 1920’s New York, but with a stunning modern twist.

3. It’s good with wood

If you’ve currently got wood furnishings, then a metallic wallpaper is just waiting to elevate their style. The blend of metallic and wood creates an incredibly complementary contrast that adds a fantastic modern twist to your interior. As you can see, the Koi Silver works perfectly to bring out the natural beauty of the light wood furnishings in this cosy bedroom.

4. Welcome the warmth

In our line of work, we often receive questions about how you can add warmth to a space, without sacrificing light. The answer, is to welcome these kinds of metallic designs into your space. By introducing Copacabana Gold to a single wall in your space, you immediately inject both warmth and character that are truly transformative.

The same can also be said for Nympha Gold. When paired with victorian style tile, this design works to create a welcoming space that promises to bring warmth to your home.

5. A Pallet that pops

One of our favorite things about metallic wallpaper, is their versatile style. If you’re a fan of colorful, unique pallets, then a metallic wallpaper is a great way to bring it all together. Take Peafowl Green, for example. You can pull the beautiful, deep blue from the pattern, then pair with metallic furnishings to bring out the golden lining within the print.

6. Glow up the ceiling

Metallic designs have a unique way of creating depth and adding new dimensions to your space. One of our favorite applications of this, is to introduce a metallic wallpaper onto your ceiling. Yes, you read that right. Just picture opening your eyes in the morning and seeing this…

Need we say more? This beautiful Eolia Silver could be the missing piece to creating your dream bedroom.

7. Light it up

Last but not least, did you know that the right metallic wallpaper can welcome more light into your space? By introducing Edo Silver into a darker room in your home, and pairing it with a white, tiled floor, these features will work to reflect the light and brighten up your room.

So, there we have it! 7 ways to use metallic wallpaper to its full potential. We hope you found these recommendations helpful.

Be sure to explore Coordonné’s full collection of Random Metallics today.