Brand Spotlight: Abnormals Anonymous

Meet Abnormals Anonymous. Famed for their incredible, nature-inspired designs, we’re taking a peek behind the curtain of this brilliant design house, that we’re proud to feature here at NewWall.

An anonymous meet cute

As the name suggests, the duo behind Abnormals Anonymous prefer to keep their identity a secret, and have successfully done so by adopting the names Henrietta & Paco.

A real meet cute, the couple met in an elevator in Nashville, where a short descent down 3 floors would transform their lives forever.

 They connected through mutual adoration for design and wallcoverings that day, and sparks flew. Those sparks ignited a loving relationship, and later, their design house, Abnormals Anonymous.

Experiences, captured

Together, Henrietta and Paco design wallpaper that’s driven by connection, creating small experiences that build cheerful and lasting memories. 

“The inspiration for our charming wallpapers is drawn from nature’s oddities and designed to spark curiosity. Infused with coastal, floral and wildlife motifs, our collections reinvent elements of tradition with dramatic and playful patterns.” 

Henrietta & Paco, Founders of Abnormals Anonymous

And, with many of their designs created from recycled materials, available in grasscloth, recycled materials and clay-coated paper, Abnormals Anonymous can celebrate nature, while protecting nature

Abnormals Anonymous x Anna Redmond

Recently, Abnormals Anonymous welcomed a collaboration with Anna Redmond. Described by the pair as “a labor of love and so much fun”  together, they produced the charming 80’s themed design, Flashdance. This warm, vibrant design is available in an array of colors and textures!

Cabin Fever Collection

Cabin Fever is inspired by cozy cabin life. Whether it be the lake house, the mountain retreat, or out in the woods near the river, the patterns within this collection create a cheerful ambience and provide nostalgia of countryside getaways in the sunshine. 

From rustic vibes with Sawtooth Valley to playful summer scenes with Summer Breeze, this collection effortlessly captures the essence of those small, mini-break experiences that build big, happy memories.

A spoon full of sugar

Although largely nature-inspired, that doesn’t mean Abnormals Anonymous focus only on wildlife. Add a spoon full of sugar to your space, with this charming Pop it like it’s Hot design.

Can you just smell it? This quirky, fun and eye-catching creation injects lively character into a space.

Animal kingdom

No one quite does nature like Abnormals Anonymous. From creepy crawlies in textured acrylic to epic adventure scenes on the seas, their collection of nature-inspired creations is vast and always impressive.

We’d like to give a special mention here to our best seller, Mr Blow. Stylish, quirky and let’s face it, fun, Mr Blow has charmed many of our clients here at NewWall, and we believe it’ll do the same to you, too!

Shapes and swerves

Abnormals Anonymous don’t stop at funky fish – they keep the quirky vibes flowing with excentric shapes and swerves designs too. Take Twisted Stitcher, Lust for Life for example.

Calidascopic, Twisted Stitcher has an almost trance-like effect on the viewer, and you can find yourself lost in it’s patterns – the more you look, the more you see! 

Block party is another firm favorite of ours. Simple shapes working together to create a charming, overall effect that just oozes with the playful energy that’s just so Abnormals Anonymous.

Feeling Floral

Last but certainly not least, we need to give a mention of their beautiful, botanical-themed designs. From the twisting vines of Secret Garden,  to their funky floral theme with Love You More, if it’s a flower theme you’re looking for, Abnormals Anonymous have you covered.

So, there we have it. We hope you enjoyed this brand spotlight for Abnormals Anonymous. We touched upon our personal favorites, but be sure to browse their full collection today. 


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