Brand Spotlight: Cope

Nature, art, science: combined. From the creators of Calico, meet Cope. Inviting unique expression into spaces through their gorgeous range of designs, Cope is here to encourage all to experience life through a lens of curiosity.

The Beginnings

It all began with a couple. Rachel and Nick Cope. 

A couple of creatives, their careers began together, by merging skills of sculpture and digital imaging to create Calico.

The pair flourished through their masterfully crafted handmade, then digitally formatted designs. The Copes were on a mission to allow art to outgrow the frame, and instead, adorn whole walls, and they certainly succeeded. So much so, that they began a new venture alongside. An opportunity for the couple to explore the concepts of nature and science through artistry. And just like that, Cope was born.   

A little about Cope

Cope strives to create a visual, universal language for all to appreciate. Deeply inspired by natural landscapes, artistic practices and scientific phenomena, the designers at Cope experiment with gestures and techniques to create exciting, new designs for cushions, fabrics and wallcoverings.

Their blend of traditional and contemporary tools from all over the world, printed on fine Belgian linen, work to invent unique, wholly beautiful designs that appeal to a whole host of interior tastes.


Cope draws deep inspiration from the natural world. Their designs often  explore the earth’s lifeforms and landscapes. In some cases, these are stunningly simplistic, allowing the subject to fully shine through.

And in other instances, they’re explored on a deeper level, through, texture, shape and consistency.


One of the finest qualities of Cope’s creations is the eclectic stylistic choices. Experimentation is at the heart of their work, so it’s hardly surprising that a browse through their designs can take you from Peter’s Party to Pallet Yve’s Natural.


Curiosity and experimentation are at the heart of the Cope experience. Many of their designs are derived from raw elements including minerals and salts. Their openness to possibility makes Cope infinitely innovative in design. Here are just a few of the many, many techniques behind the designs.

The Imprint collection was created by the ancient art of block printing. Earthy yet playful, the designs are a homage to the rich history of the textile craft throughout the world.

Aurora was born following extensive research into the arts of fabric dying, particularly Shibori and Ombré. Cope harnessed these techniques to recreate the shades that cascade across our skies.

Eon explores the interconnections that exist between light and dark, using the traditional Javanese technique of wax-resist dying. Sheets of silk were hand coated with multiple layers of hot wax, which once dried was removed and dyed to create the intricate patterns you see below.

We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of Cope. View their full collection available right here at NewWall, today.