Brand Spotlight: Emma Hayes

Meet Emma Hayes, the last word in interior artistry. Where drawings, paintings and crafts are married with digital processes to create stunning wallpaper and textiles.

A little about Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a New Zealand-based design house with a simple vision: to create beautiful textiles for beautiful spaces. Working with residential and commercial interior designers and specifiers around the world, Emma Hayes’ designs have been transforming interiors since 2011. 

All interior creations are a blend of artistic techniques, from hand-made marks and paintings to new experimental methods and digital processes. 

Founder, Creative Director and namesake Emma Hayes draws most of her inspiration from nature, particularly the epic, surrounding landscapes of New Zealand. A dedication that’s expanded to an array of impressive collaborations, from dresses with Julliette Hogan…

And a custom mural with Nobu Hotel Miami…

To features in establishments including the Dahlia Cafe in Ponsonby, Barnes & Thorneburg in San Diego, and our very own showroom here in Toronto!

We had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Hayes in 2021. We discussed her favorite things about the brand, products and her role within the company.

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Our personal picks

What we love most about the designs from Emma Hayes, is the beautiful softness and color pallets they offer. Our all time favorite creations are those that soothe a space. The designs that offer a calming and utterly beautiful atmosphere, whether it’s a residential or commercial interior.

Sediment is a wonderful example of this. As the name suggests, the inspirations and intentions behind this design are deeply rooted in nature, emulating the visual effect of sediment (the natural layering and separation of material). With the deep and dark tones rising into soft hues, this design has a great calming effect, and it’s a firm favorite here at NewWall.

We adore Bloom because of its stunning simplicity. Depth is created with watercolor effect, perfectly portraying the vision of falling blossoms that instantly send us to springtime memories. Particularly striking in Sage, the contrast of this design offers a stylish feature that’s sure to impress. 

Dune is living proof that abstract can be universally understood, when in the expert hands of Emma Hayes, of course. Layering gradients of color create such a clear image of continuous dunes that you can almost feel the warmth radiating.

Vine is a simply stunning statement. The two-tone, hand-drawn art in this design allows any interior to shine. Personally, we adore this with a color-matched fabric, to draw the space together.

Last but certainly not least, we have Nebula Mist. Casting inspiration from a little further afield…this design is a subtle homage to the stunning shapes and swerves that have been discovered in space. Nebulas are regions where new stars begin to form, which perhaps explains why this design emits such restorative vibes into the atmosphere. 

With only the best of quality in mind, Emma Hayes’s designs are available in a range of materials that are entirely suitable for commercial-grade applications. Including Type II Class A fire-rated wallcoverings that are:

  • Durable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Washable 
  • Mould resistant
  • Heavy-duty grade *suitable for commercial interiors

We hope you enjoyed this deep dive into all things Emma Hayes. Be sure to browse their full collections of fabric and wallpaper here at NewWall, today.