Brand Spotlight: House of Hackney

The History

In a London townhouse, husband and wife team Frieda Gormley and Javvy Royle were inspired to create House of Hackney.

Established in 2010, House of Hackney drew its ideas from nature, focusing on exquisite design and eco-friendly production. Founded on three guiding principles,

  •         Creativity with purpose
  •         Integrity in our actions
  •         Compassion for our planet and people

Based in Hackney, the founders drew on the diversity and originality of their local community. Allowing the colorful mixture of culture and atmosphere to become part of their DNA.  

Driven by a brave vision and new way of thinking, House of Hackney have torn up the interiors rule book with their prints and vibrant palettes.

House of Hackney – Today

House of Hackney continues to create and inspire, providing unique designs with beauty and meaning. And today, the business has grown to incorporate a whole family of artists, designers, producers and collaborators.

The brand is a powerful, reliable creator in the industry, inventing trends without being ‘trendy’ and crafting unique, artistic pieces, designed to last well beyond their season for many years after. Working in collaboration with some of the UK’s best and most talented manufacturers, designs are produced close to home without compromising on quality. 

Remaining true to its values, House of Hackney is inspirational in its efforts to support the environment – and they’ve pledged to become carbon negative by the end of 2022. This, alongside their stunning new collection of emulsion paint and their Gardens of Tomorrow initiative, demonstrates time and again that their messaging isn’t simply an aesthetic crutch, but the heart and soul of their work.

With features in Forbes and Architectural Digest, it’s clear that the brand is taking its range of eclectic furnishings, fabrics, and accessories to a much wider audience.

living spaces and defining commercial properties with designs to fit even the most quirky and distinctive concepts.

Emania Climbing Walls Emerald

The Eamania is named after the Celtic word for “heavenly realm”. Creating a new interpretation of a contemporary art nouveau print. Designed with an emerald color palette, the beautiful motif will ascend your walls with elegance and style that’s intrinsic to the House of Hackney.

Emania Stripe Azurite

Created using an ethereal ‘Azurite’, this reimagining of an ornamental motif is characterized by its natural inspiration. Azurite provides a striking deep-blue copper backdrop for the striped wallpaper, allowing it to make an artistic statement, with its calm yet powerful aesthetic – a great addition to an office or collaboration space.

Bryher Rose Cinnabar

The House of Hackney’s Bryher Rose design is set against a lattice framework, creating a pattern that is at once neoclassic and romantic. A transportation piece, Bryher Rose allows you to escape to a stunning garden scene, with the vibrant ‘Cinnabar’ red color perfectly balanced against an aged cream background,

Ready for
what comes next?

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse behind the scenes of House of Hackney. If you’ve been inspired to enhance further your space with these exquisite offerings, then be sure to view the House’s full collection here.

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