Brand Spotlight: Marley + Malek Kids

Designing a space for a child is a tricky business. You need to strike a balance between wonder and magic to spark imagination, and elegance and style to make your space shine. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Meet Marley + Malek Kids.

A little about Marley + Malek Kids

Marley + Malik Kids are the creators of modern wallpaper designs, for the modern family. This New York company is dedicated to bridging the gap between child and adult aesthetic desires.


Marley + Malek Kids was born following the successful wallpaper design collaboration, known as Sissy + Marley. Rachel Geisler and Jill Malek launched the brand with the mission to transform family spaces, with sustainable and stylish solutions.  

Since 2013, they’ve been consistently creating beautiful designs for the whole family to enjoy.


Marley + Malek Kids understand that you can’t serve the modern family without addressing the importance of sustainability. That’s why their designs all use environmentally-friendly materials. All Marley + Malek Kids products are printed on paper from well-managed, renewable forests or recycled sources, using water-based inks. So you get chic, family-friendly interiors that don’t come at the expense of the environment.

The Stylings of Marley+Malek Kids

Marvelous Metallics

A classic signature of Marley + Malek Kids is their use of metallic accents, that beautifully add a touch of glamor and magic to any room. The Twinkle Gold wallpaper design is a wonderful example of this. Simple, yet stylish, this design features gold metallic stars on a white background, creating a dreamy and magical atmosphere.

Marley + Malek Kids loves to include playful uses of color, that balance adult and child tastes.

Complimentary Colors

Take Love Lavender for example. The Love Lavender design features a fun and vibrant purple hue, that compliments contrasting shapes and warm pallets beautifully.

Versatile Visions

Many of Marley + Malek Kids designs hold an incredibly handy feature. Versatility.  Designs like the XO Charcoal wallpaper are versatile enough to withstand the transition from pre-teen to teen. So, rather than doing extreme interior makeovers to meet your kids’ changing tastes, you can instead swap out the ornaments and covers.

Big statements

Have you noticed a recurring theme for Marley + Malek Kids designs? They are all routed in shape. These range from big statements to subtle surroundings. Stripe Navy is an awesome choice for those seeking the former.

This is perfect for those families with a single room for multiple purposes. You can create play corner “nooks” with nautical themes, then keep a cleaner, soothing space for sleep.

Soothing Surroundings

For those seeking soothing shapes, to be in keeping with a neutral, calming environment, Marley+Malek Kids have this covered too. Designs like Peaks and Lucky Star make neutral accessible to kids – something we parents know is no simple feat!

We hope you enjoyed this spotlight on Marley + Malek Kids. Browse their full collection here at NewWall, today.