Brand Spotlight: Newmor

Meet Newmor, the crafters of delightful, durable styles. Known for their stunning commercial-grade designs, Newmor is here to create beautiful spaces that stand the test of time.

A little about Newmor

Established in 1967, Newmor was and continues to be, a family-owned business. Today, Newmor holds offices in Wales, Germany, Poland and Dubai, but their mission and values remain the same.

This proud welsh company is dedicated to creating beautiful designs for commercial spaces, all in the country they call home. Newmor’s brilliance comes from their craft – enhancing the traditional manufacturing techniques they’re built on, with cutting-edge new technology, to produce only the finest quality creations for their clients.

Source: Newmor Instagram

Their Work

From libraries and yoga studios to offices and hotels, Newmor effortlessly encapsulates the vision of their customers and clients, through stunning interior creations that stand the test of time.

But their work doesn’t end there. Newmor believes in bridging the gap between craftspeople and commercial spaces – a value that they take pride in actioning, with their varied creative partnerships.

Their partnership with artist, Stephen Walter is a wonderful example of their work in action. Fascinated with the concept of place, Stephen Walter meticulously and intricately draws maps and motifs from urban landscapes by hand. Newmor scanned these in super high resolution to faithfully reproduce every minute detail in wallcovering form. The result? Cyclesea.

Versatility is truly their strength – Newmor’s partnerships offer a little something for all interior tastes. For the bright and bubbly, Lois O’Hara is the obvious choice.

O’hara is fascinated by the positive effects that color has on people and spaces. From their partnership, bloomed an array of vibrant and uplifting designs, like Keep it Moving.

It’s all in the materials

Newmor uses sustainably sourced, raw materials for all their designs – and their gallery boasts thousands of examples – some of which you can introduce to your own space!

Take Herringbone. This classy tactile design draws inspiration from the traditional British tailoring and artisanal weaving techniques known as tweed. Using close-woven herringbone to create a subtle yet stylish feature, Herringbone is robust enough to stand strong in a range of commercial spaces.

Newmor use texture to add interest and depth to spaces, as you can see with Hessian. But their textured tastes don’t end there.

Designs like Zenith II Canvas and Zenith II are all about celebrating the beauty of raw organic textures we find in nature. Think wood, stone and old-school weaving techniques. Notice the soothing palettes they’ve selected. These are all inspired by natural landscapes. Warm greys and chalky neutrals work in harmony to create stunning styles, ideal for a range of spaces.

Designs like Bali use woven textures to add depth to the art in the foreground. Notice how it comes alive in a completely different way to paper print creations?

We hope you enjoyed this spotlight on the inner workings of Newmor. If you loved what you saw, be sure to browse our full collection of Newmor wallcoverings, today.