Brand Spotlight: Tres Tintas

Here again, bringing to you our NewWall April Brand Spotlight! This month, we’re introducing you to the Tres Tintas’ stunning mural wallpaper collection. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of their featured collections, Aniline and Barcino.

Who is Tres Tintas?

The Spanish company, Tres Tinas, was established in 2004 and quickly became a well-known family business thanks to their 65-year heritage in the wallpaper industry. With their creations ranging from professional designs for residential projects and hotels, to commercial properties, Tres Tintas’ creative niche surrounds contemporary, urban, avant-garde and provocative concepts that are stunningly translated into wallpaper murals.

A Peak
at the Aniline Collection

This collection provides an abstract contrast of imagery and feeling through vibrant colourings as well as black and white monochromatic tones. Through textures and daring, unpredictable strokes, Aniline shows an artistic capability through a technique that gives gradual movement to your space.

Morandi Verde

The magnificent abstract mural that is Morandi Verde is unparalleled with its vintage Spanish-esque setting. The warming, deep colors provide a sense of the darkening of dusk on a summer’s day. The positioning of the various jugs and bowl effortlessly creates a homely, chaotic comfort – emulating nostalgic feelings of being at home with the family.

Orvallo Negro

Orvallo Negro displays an illusion of gradient drops flowing downwards in sparsity. Bold and beautiful, this design creates a calming effect and makes for an exquisite feature wall in a restful environment. The simplistic yet effective pattern pairs perfectly with minimalistic furniture surroundings.

Temple Rojo

Looking to present your space in a sleek and defined way? Look no further than Temple Rojo. The striped vertical strokes give an illusion of taller walls and with the defining rustic colors, this design works to bring comfort to your space.

Bosco Negro

Looking for a mural that shows passion and emotion? You’ll want to turn your eyes to Bosco Negro. With a mix of harsh, subtle and rounded strokes you can see the purpose of risk and unpredictability that is expressed through the creator’s work. A piece like this would most surely pass an exhibition of modern abstract art giving credit to the placement and color presentation. Introduce into a creative, thinking space for an impactful interior style.

Confín Beige

Indulge your senses in the treat that is Confín. This mural allows the mind to paint its own picture of what’s being created. Whether you experience an expanse of dunes from an oasis with Confin Beige, or dive deep into mysterious waters with Confín Azul, this design is a wonderful addition to your space.

A Peak at
the Barcino Collection

Camp Blau Verde Oscuro

Camp Blau Verde Oscuro Intertwines a synergy of flowing color presented as a vibrant field-like portrait. The detail and dabble of paint strokes show the pace and focus of the mural. With every glance, you enter a perspective zone similar to that of looking into the distance of nature.

Want to see more like these stunning designs? Here are some notable styles and collections by Tres Tintas that we’re sure will pique your interest:




The Wanderlust



Triomphe d’oeil

Ready to explore further how you can enhance your space with the Tres Tintas collections? Please view the collection of wallpaper here.

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