Brand Spotlight: Wallpaper projects

Here at NewWall, we’re passionate about igniting our clients’ interior inspirations,  and what better way to do it, than introducing you to one of our most unique and extravagant brands? Meet Wallpaper Projects

You may have been acquainted with their unforgettable, mesmerizing work, but there’s more to the brand than meets the eye… Wallpaper Projects are protruding the norm in the industry of design and collaboration.

Wallpaper Projects

Wallpaper Projects was created by Amanda Dandeneau and David Jimenez, who work from a design studio in Brooklyn, New York. They specialize in high-end, custom made custom fit wallpaper and fabric wall coverings. To assist with their vision, they’re usually accompanied by an artist of their choice – someone that they feel will deliver what their clients are looking for.

Together, they explore new transformative designs that play with the use of experimentations with chemicals, materials and design processes. Drawing inspiration from the unexpected, they aim to visually please using patterns, tones, concepts, shapes and textures. Based on their past projects, they’ve formed collaborations with brands, businesses, and artists to produce many exemplary murals.

Their philosophy is to create immersive experiences that dig deep into the perspective of the viewer. And, with features in Vogue, Elle and New York Times,  it’s clear that Wallpaper Projects is blazing trails for interior possibilities.

Working with the likes of Louis Vuitton (Toronto), Facebook Headquarters, Samsung, New York Times Offices, Barneys New York, and the Architectural Digest Design Show, Wallpaper Projects’ client list is as impressive as their creations. As well as creating mesmerizing experiences for commercial spaces, the Wallpaper Projects have captured designs for residential homes in LA and New York adding their vivacious creativity to the lives of many.

Whether you’re looking to transfigure your living space, deepen your commercial property or add to your eccentric event, Wallpaper Project can tailor your design to fit even the most quirky and distinctive concepts.

The Heat Collection

The Heat collection uses colors and hues to define the mood of the room, creating a soft and mysterious atmosphere. Whether your preference be light or dark, the heat collection has a variety of tones to perfectly suit any palette. Heat Studies 5 is almost a blur of assorted colors that resemble the cloudy wonders of the sky that is absolutely mesmerizing.

The Heat Studies 6 piece encapsulates the pigmentation of the dusking night sky. The starlit qualities are surrounded by a mustard light that is in motion to brighten the shadows. Wallpaper Projects have used a gradient of color to portray the shift and movement of the starry night.

WPP X Alex Proba Collaboration

We are featuring a very special and one of a kind collection – Wallpaper Projects x Alex Proba. Look into what influences their collaboration.

A little about Alex Proba

Alex Proba is a designer and Art Director from Lüdenscheid, Germany. She developed her forte for spatial, graphic and object design at the Design Academy of Eindhoven.

Since moving to New York, Alex Proba has worked as a Design Director at Mother of New York, Kickstarter and Nike.

The Wallpaper projects and Alex Proba collection joined forces to create alluring wall pieces featuring the contrast of abstract compositions. The collaboration encapsulates a range of colorful juxtaposed shapes that are up for individual interpretation. The imagery almost presents floral qualities using geometry, shape and color that brightens and uplifts the space. 

The collection was showcased in Studio Proba, based in New York, where Alex Proba explores multidisciplinary creativity by focusing on graphic and environmental artwork.  This collection is a perfect feature in a commercial space that aims to make a statement. Whether you’re a swanky boutique hotel, exuberant cocktail bar or floral vegan restaurant,  you know you’ve got a winner with this one.

What’s their process for custom pieces?

So you must be thinking, how do I get started with Wallpaper projects? They’ve made a process that will be easy for you to follow, so  you can focus on the energy wanted from your piece, no matter how big or small. Initially, you may be prompted to contact them and book a consultation. They will work with you on grasping your design wants and needs. You may be inclined to invite them to your space so that they can perceive your desired vision. You’ll collaborate with the artists to figure out logistics, color scheme, scale and finish. Building your dream backdrop is a one of a kind way of magnifying your space. Once Wallpaper Projects add the finishing touches to your special piece, it can then be installed by their trusted installers – following a meticulous guide.

Ready to explore further how you can enhance your space with the Wallpaper Projects’ exquisite collections? Please view the Wallpaper Projects’ collection of wallpaper here.

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