17 Pattern’s Story. A Journey Driven by Experimentation and Innovation.

We are thrilled to bring to you the story behind 17 Patterns. A true journey driven by experimentation and innovation, their approach to fabric and wallpaper design is both spellbindingly unique and astounding. 

The brand was founded by curator Nosca Inc in 2014 to provide wallpapers and companion fabrics that can be used to transform interiors into creative masterpieces. 

Nosca Inc says, “respecting artists and their ideas is crucial. There is infinite possibility in taking those ideas and developing them through clever curation. I have always been fascinated with the Fluxus art movement, and I wanted to inject my own interpretation of creative freedom into 17 Patterns.”

The British-made luxury wallcoverings and fabrics are co-produced in collaboration with talented artists, designers and interior specialists. 

From specially commissioned artworks, 17 Patterns curates, manipulates and restructures them into dynamic repeat designs. By working in partnership with creatives, the brand is able to draw on inspiration from a whole host of past and present design disciplines to produce incredible flourishes of pattern and color.

The Process

Artworks and designs are taken on a creative journey driven through experimentation and innovation to inject bold and exciting designs into 21st century interiors. Some of the creative processes include suspending rolls of paper from a window and allowing gravity to naturally pull the paint downwards to create a dripping effect, another is to leave a design outside to see how the elements will manipulate it. They also explore layering through paint, photography and printing.

Once the pattern has been identified, the color scheme and choice of fabric are decided by interior design experts. This incredibly collaborative process results in each design having a very strong identity and unique feel. 

FUN FACT: The brand 17 Patterns derives its name from the mathematical classification of a two-dimensional repetitive pattern, first proven by Evgraf Fedorov in 1891. He found that any type of repeat pattern belongs to one of only 17 distinct symmetry groups. 

If we take a moment to consider that…it means that every single type of pattern (ever created) uses one or more of those 17 patterns. Interesting, right?

Let’s take a look at some of 17 Pattern’s work and the processes behind their creation.


What better place to start is there than 17 Pattern’s iconic Jellyfish design? Working in collaboration with Athens-born illustrator, artist and textile designer, Christina K, 17 Patterns delivers an aquatic haven of marine life with a captivating narrative. The underwater scene is inspired by Christina’s hedonistic love of visual sensations and electric jellyfish tentacles trailing across coral reefs is the most exquisite portrayal of this.

These marine beauties come in four different soothing colorways, Ivory, Grey, Navy and Black, and all of which are vitalized with vibrant flashes of color such as Pink, Peach, Green and electric Blue. 

This Jellyfish design works well in both modern and traditional interiors and is available as wallpaper and fabric.


Founder of 17 Patterns, Nosca Inc, worked in collaboration with Paris and Christina K to produce Acro, an incredible symphony of vertical textures. The wall art design is inspired by the way metal corrodes with the sinuous veins running across the surface representing urban decay. The combination of industrial and natural elements is absolutely stunning and brought to life through hand-painted patterns and digitally crafted patina.

Acro is available in a rich pigmented blend of Black, Blue and neutral hues and promises to evoke sophisticated splendor in your interior.

Love Leopard

Interestingly, the Love Leopard design was Christina K’s debut piece with 17 Patterns. Using digital mark-making techniques, the design explores patterns of wildlife, spot formations, love hearts and a camouflage texture. 

If you’d prefer to opt for a slight accent in your interior, then we recommend you take a look at the beautiful Peach velvet fabric the design is available in. Just look at how chic these cushions, upholstered in Love Leopard are!


In Cloudbusting, Nosa Inc. uses a very unconventional technique that exposes the original painting by East London based designer,  Paris,  to natures’ elements by leaving it outside in the English countryside. The result is a magnificently dynamic watercolor pattern that boasts enhanced movement and texture. 

The fluffy aesthetic of blue, peach and white clouds forming over a dark metallic base creates captivating depth and subtle texture that promises to inject intrigue into your space. Discover the allure of organic strokes of paint constrained by repetitive patterns in four sophisticated and opulent hues.


For those with a taste for geometric patterns and art deco, Dazzle is sure to enthrall you.

Available in Grey, White, Charcoal and Black, this wallpaper promises to make a visual impact. The compelling dynamic shapes intersect each other to create a juxtaposition of textured decay and bold graphics. The design is both modern, yet effortlessly timeless. 

Design tip: Install the charcoal wallpaper in a small space such as an entrance hall or office and pair with Copper accents or other Yellow metals for a truly gorgeous aesthetic.


Another stunning design by Christina K, Herringbone showcases the unwaveringly popular, traditional Herringbone pattern found in twill fabric. The 17 Patterns design began its existence as a hand-painted piece of art which was then expertly manipulated using modern digital design techniques. The result is disrupted herringbone patterns that create beautifully weaved large zigzag formations. The delicate brushstrokes used creates textured gradients that are so prominent in the design.

 Available in subtle shades including: grey on luxurious metallic White mica, harmonious Pink and Blue, rich Navy Blue, and contemporary monotone black on non-woven paper stock, you can be sure to find the perfect hue for your interior. 

Whirling Dervish

Lucidity reaches new heights in 17 Pattern’s Whirling Dervish. Available in both monotone and fluorescent palettes, the design exhibits a real blend of Venetian opulence and urban graffiti culture. 

Explore this timeless panelled wallpaper collection in its four exciting colourways, from cinematic Black & White to Irradiant Pink.

New Arrivals from 17 Patterns

We couldn’t complete this blog, without sharing with you the most recent additions to 17 Patterns,  Stira’s Hand and Venation. Both are dream-like and evoke a charmingly creative atmosphere that fills spaces with positive energy.

The Stira’s Hand wallpaper features overlapping washes of color and depicts a mythical landscape. The brushstrokes and pigmentation used to create the masterpiece intertwine to represent the three elements land, sky and sea in an ethereal scene.   

Stira’s Hand design is available in four vivid colourways, Stratum, Horizons, Changing Tides (+ Ombre Edition) and Nightfall (On Silver Mica).

The Venation design is slightly more structured and incorporates line work that spreads its veins across botanical blooming leaves. 

Undeniably aesthetic and rich in color, the leaf print promises to add an element of mystic beauty to your interior and would work wonderfully in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

This mesmerizing design is available in seven stunning palettes, Natural, Dusty, Gold, Jewel, Orient, Royal, and Dark.

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into 17 Pattern’s story and innovative approach, as well as a glimpse of their collaborative designs. Feel inspired? Explore the full collection of wallpaper and fabrics from 17 Patterns here at NewWall, today.