Brand Spotlight – Wall&Decò collaboration with Diesel

At NewWall, we’re delighted to have the opportunity to bring to your attention the exciting new collaboration between Wall&decò and Diesel. This creative journey has resulted in an innovative, bold expression of Diesel’s ‘responsible living’ philosophy. Through an exciting collection of 12 graphics, Wall&decò have created wallpapers that both celebrate and transform interiors and design installations alike.

The Diesel Living Brand

Diesel For Responsible Living is a commitment to taking actions that bring about benefits to current and future generations. As part of Diesel’s continuing success, the brand plans to meet the challenges of a changing world through commitments to innovation and sustainability.

Be the alternative: This is Diesel’s solution to challenge the contemporary thinking towards materials and packaging. Through its upcycling product lines, better cotton initiative membership and animal welfare pledges, the brand is driving innovative and imaginative solutions to be a genuine sustainable alternative.   

Celebrate individuality: Through strong brand values, Diesel stands for responsibility and respect. Inclusion and diversity are central to creating an enriched work environment that drives creativity and invention.

Stand for the planet:  A guarantee to lower the environmental impact of the brand and a commitment to reduce emissions and develop energy efficient practises.

Promote integrity: A promise to work towards the highest social and environmental standards throughout their supply chain. The brand is committed to enhancing the traceability of their products and ensuring positive practises amongst their suppliers.

Through these four pillars, the Diesel Living Brand is able to express its philosophy: to produce distinct and valuable products in a responsible and sustainable way, while caring for the planet and all its people.

Diesel Living Collection

The Diesel Living wallcovering collection is the expression of the brand’s mission for responsible living.  Here at NewWall, we are passionate about the philosophy of ‘responsible living’.  To us, and we’re sure you’ll agree…art and design is the depiction of living, it encompasses all of our hardships, emotions, questions, decisions and perceptions. It breathes energy into our homes. In order to keep this quality of life and artistic beauty we must all strive to be responsible and ethical in our choices. Or else, that very essence of life that design is trying to capture will be lost. 

Through the synthesis of Wall&decò’s experience and Diesel Living’s inspiration, we invite you to discover a true representation of responsible living through artistic expression in the collection below. Each of these exquisite pieces are ethically made, PVC free, 100% recyclable and breathable.

The captivating element of this collection is the way in which Wall&decò have successfully intertwined man made architecture with nature. It exemplifies how we must nurture the environment by living responsibly to allow for the true beauty of the world to flourish. 

This shared creative journey has produced some incredible unique,  visual masterpieces that you can install in your own space. If you’d like to delve further into the exploration of challenging aesthetic values such as nature, texture and depth, view the collection of wallpaper here.