Timorous Beastie’s Captivating Collaborations

At NewWall, we have always been enthralled by the work of Timorous Beasties and are equally impressed by their continued ability to secure collaborations with leading brands. The design studio was founded by talented designers Alistair McAulery and Paul Simmons in the 1990s and since its formation, has been creating masterpieces by using striking imagery across their esteemed range. If you are a follower of NewWall, you’ll likely be familiar with Timorous Beastie’s vibrant wallpaper and soft furnishings that feature bold patterns, enchanting colors and provocative prints.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world that surrounds them, Paul and Alister utilise intriguing juxtapositions in many of their designs. From fresh and delicate floral motifs overlaid with insects and prickly thorns, to the contemporary variation on traditional toiles de Jouy, illustrating homelessness and urban development, in direct contrast to the Age of Enlightenment’s typical high-society countryside scenes.


With a defined style that features untamed beauty at the heart of every design, Timorous Beastie’s creations are distinctive and iconic. And, they’ve certainly caught the attention of leading brands with many seeking the style and exclusivity synonymous with their work.  Previous collaborations include Claridge’s of London, the Art Institute of Chicago, Nike, Hepple Gin and most recently, Johnnie Walker Whiskey. As an award-winning design studio, Timorous Beasties host a unique range of patterns and textiles, many of which have been incorporated into their collaboration work. No matter the output of the design, their distinctive style always shines through.

Let’s take a closer look at a few collaborations…

Johnnie Walker Whiskey



Timorous Beasties is based in the heart of Glasgow, so it’s fitting that their Scottish heritage and total devotion to craft was appreciated by fellow Scottish brand, Johnnie Walker.

The collaboration brought about the creation of a limited edition bottle, in a celebration of Scotland’s rarity.

Timorous Beasties expertly designed the intricate bottle for Johnnie Walker Blue Label Rare Side of Scotland, featuring delicate artwork that brings to life the flora and fauna found across the country.

Alistair McAuley, co-founder of Timorous Beasties, said: “We’ve always been passionate about seeking out the rarest beauty to be found in Scotland and showcasing it to the world, and that’s definitely a passion shared by the Johnnie Walker team.

Being driven by natural beauty, this collaboration was the perfect fit for Timorous Beasties. The design studio said: “it was a privilege to……this bespoke design – an invitation to everyone to come and experience the rugged and rare charm of the Scottish wilderness.”




Timorous Beasties was commissioned by Nike to create a custom design for their players to wear during an event at Portrush Golf Club. The Portrush design for Nike was based upon “toiles de Jouy” – a pattern used in decorating that consists of a white background and repeated pattern that more often than not conveys a complex scene in a block color.

In the case of Timorous Beastie’s design for Portrush, the pattern was fused with a style inspired by Wedgewood Jasperware – the company known for creating the iconic World Golf Championship trophies.

As you can see, the final result expertly intertwined contemporary with more traditional elements, using silhouettes of golfers, the landscape, sea-gods and
mythical creatures.

Penguin Books – The Birds and the Bees



Unsurprisingly, Penguin Books have also fallen for Timorous Beasties’ enthralling and slightly eccentric take on nature. Penguin Books collaborated with the design studio on the covers for their new Vintage Classics collection of The Birds and the Bees.

Charlotte Knight, Penguin editor, said: ‘We knew we wanted to ask Timorous Beasties very early on. Their designs, not to mention their name, seemed a perfect match. Much of their work is inspired by the natural world. But it’s not just pretty – it has an irreverent edge.’

Similarities can be seen in the book cover designs and the designer’s wallpapers. Both draw inspiration from nature, and co-founder Paul Simmons made particular reference to the influence of  James John Audubon’s Birds of America: ‘The tiny, hand-coloured, beautifully printed plates were a great inspiration,’ he says.

Independently the books provide excellent nature writing, including the likes of ‘H is for Hawk’ that recounts Helen Macdonlad’s experiences of training her wild goshawk. But, if you’re not one for reading, the book’s covers are impressive in their own right and look ultra stylish when featured on a coffee table.

Wallpapers & Fabrics



Are you looking to introduce the magic of Timorous Beastie’s work into your interior? At NewWall, we offer an impressive range of their designs.  Perhaps you’re drawn to the untamed beauty of nature as seen in the Johnnie Walker collaboration? If so,  Timorous Beastie’s Darwin collection is sure to enthrall you.

Charlotte Knight, Penguin editor, said: ‘We knew we wanted to ask Timorous Beasties very early on. Their designs, not to mention their name, seemed a perfect match. Much of their work is inspired by the natural world. But it’s not just pretty – it has an irreverent edge.’

Tropical Clouded Leopard by Timorous Beasties


For a silhouette design, as seen in the Nike collaboration, take a look at the Toile collection.

Or maybe you’re looking to feature the elegance of Timorous Beastie’s signature ornate Birds & Bees illustration within your space? Birds n Bees from the Ruskin collection is just one of the possibilities.


Birds N Bees by Timorous Beasties


Should you need any assistance finding the perfect Timorous Beastie design to work in your interior, please feel free to get in touch with the team. We are more than happy to advise.