Zuber Luxury Panoramiques – Suspended in Time

Are you considering introducing luxury panoramic wallpaper to your space? This article explores a selection of our stunning luxury designs from Zuber’s Panoramiques collection available at NewWall. 

Suspended in time, Zuber designs transport your space to alternate realms to ignite a story-telling element that promises to intrigue and delight residents and visitors alike.



Meet Zuber

We’re elated to introduce Zuber. The oldest operational wallpaper factory in the world, Zuber holds a coveted position as French national treasure, famed for historic and current design excellence. 

Established in Rixheim in 1797, Zuber’s rich heritage is exploding with magnificence, style and sophistication, boasting an archive of over 130,000 original, hand-crafted designs. 



Centuries of perfection, dedicated to design

Zuber is famed for its exquisitely eclectic range of panoramic designs, its rich heritage, and use of the technique woodblocking. Infamously intricate, woodblocking is a method of wallpaper creation that’s both time and resource intensive. Comprising of reversed hand-carved images on pieces of wood, that’s then inked and printed on paper or fabric, Zuber is the only manufacturer using this highly skilled method today. 



Zuber Panoramiques at NewWall

Introducing panoramic works into your interiors presents the opportunity to create whole new worlds within your walls.

La Chasse Au Tigre depicts an action-packed scene that promises to draw the eye. The more you look, the more you see a story unfold, as you spot a tiger chased down by an elephant and horses in an advance led by humans. Allow your imagination to take hold, and share the tales that spin within your mind with loved ones, by welcoming this piece into your living space.

La Chasse Au Tigre by Zuber



For vintage-esque panoramic scenes, you need look no further than Paysage Italien. An idyllic escapism design, Paysage Italien beckons you to walk in luscious gardens, and take in the stunning architecture adorning the horizon. Introduce to a relaxation space and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this piece. 

Paysage Italien by Zuber


Few stories ignite such wonder as the tale of Eldorado. A lost city of gold, the myth sparked epic adventures that led to disappointing ends. Capture the hope and splendor of the tale of Eldorado, through Zuber’s stunning panoramic. Enchanting wild flora first draw the eye, but as with so many of Zuber’s creations, the true magnificence of the art lies within the detail. The beautiful allusion to the city of gold within the glint of water and the haze in the sky, the trickling waterfalls and the seemingly endless rolling mountains in the background draw you into a world, lost in time.


Eldorado by Zuber


We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of Zuber. Explore the full panoramique collection we hold here at NewWall, today.