Bringing the Outside In

Summer – the season of possibility. Where days stretch boundlessly and clear skies reign, the months of summer entice with the intoxicating beauty of our natural world, actively encouraging exploration and discovery. Whether looking out on endless white sand beaches stretched along crystal blue oceans, or from the summit of epic mountains, this season is when nature breathes life, recharging the human spirit. 

For the first time in our lives, this season of exploration has been given a limited radius. With possibilities for travel being temporarily limited, we at NewWall warmly invite you to welcome the vibrant essence of summer into your home. Explore the latest in interior excellence, by injecting the glorious elements of our natural world into your space. 


A fantastic way to breathe new life into your space is to introduce a transformative wallpaper or mural. Whether you prefer subtle, yet stylish or vibrant, eye-catching prints, by selecting a pattern which draws inspiration from our natural world, you’re celebrating the beauty of nature, and blending it with innovative design to create glorious results.

At NewWall, we take great pride in the breath-taking quality of wallpapers and murals that we offer, presenting work from some of the most prolific designers across the globe. For those seeking designs which welcome influence from the outdoors, that also complement modern, clean furnishings, we recommend that you look no further than the Emma Hayes’ Curated collection. Song Bird Teal is a stunning homage to the beauty of nature, emitting serene feelings of peace and harmony, and beautifully enhances  bedrooms and relaxing living space. The vibrancy of the color palette works to draw the eye, however the stunning balance created through the expertly applied water-color effect ensures that it doesn’t dominate a space, but rather exalts and complements it.


 Songbird Teal by Emma Hayes

Feature walls are a spectacular way to transform an interior. A talking point, a statement and timelessly stylish form of design, a vibrant wall mural is the perfect addition to discussion, creative and living spaces. 

For bold designs which honor the vibrant, untamed beauty of our world, you need look no further than the Metamorphosis collection from Coordonneé. There is no print that captures bringing the outdoors in more perfectly, than the magical realism portrayed in the Colonial Multi design. A mesmerizing wallpaper depicting the colonial ruins of Europe, the patience and power of nature is effortlessly demonstrated, along with a reminder of the inevitability of time. A once clearly grand human structure being ruled by nature is a spectacular, eye-catching interior addition that promises to transform your space.

Colonial Multi by Coordonne



Here at NewWall, we are passionate about providing the materials that make your interior dreams become a reality. Our wonderful collection of fabrics inspire imagination and endless possibility, whether you’re sprucing up old furniture or seeking eye-catching unique curtains. A number of the designs we hold draw influence from the beauty of our natural world, and we invite you to consider introducing them into your spice to inject new life and energy. 


Timorous Beasties never cease to amaze with the stunning, elaborate and innovative creations. From their abstract prints to subtle designs, their collections truly do have something to meet all interior tastes. 

For those looking to welcome the outside into their space through fabrics, we recommend Timorous Beasties’ Birds n Bees design. Available in three shades, this design is intricate, with effortless blends of both vibrancy and subtlety.  A wondrous celebration of habitat, this design uses bold yellows, greens and reds to capture the striking energy of life among the birds, bees and flora, with stunning muted wild flowers and branches creating a beautiful scene. This fabric works perfectly for curtains in a relaxation space, and pairs stunningly with dark wood furnishings, as well as complementing modern, bold color palettes.

Birds n Bees by Timorous Beasties

 Aurora Ray Oyster by Cope

A more subtle nod to the spectacular beauty of the great outdoors can be found in the stunning selection of Cope fabrics. Aurora Ray Oyster effortlessly captures the fresh, yet grounded essence of dawn, as the use of ombre blends a faded blue with orange-gold which so perfectly depicts the skies welcoming journey each and every morning. This fabric is perfect for a bedroom or relaxation space, and works beautifully when complemented by crisp white linen.

The awe-inspiring expanse of our natural world inspires true greatness in the realms of interior possibility. Explore our range today, to discover how you can bring the outdoors in.