Creating a Childhood Paradise

The essence of the fleeting childhood spirit is encapsulated in discovery, imagination, adventure and creativity. A time where life is a long stretch of possibility and absolutely nothing seems impossible, a bedroom or play space has the potential to be a realm of education, creativity and innovation.

Here at NewWall, we understand that your child’s happiness and development is of utmost importance, and that childhood spaces should allow ideas to flourish, in order for full creative and educational growth. For this reason, we have a range of wonderful designs that work perfectly to create your very own childhood paradise. 

Dreamy Decor

When it comes to children’s bedrooms, creating a fine balance of relaxation and creativity is the common goal. A wonderful place to start is with wallpaper. Our collection of children’s designs provide endless possibilities for your space.  For dreamy decor, you need look no further than Coordonné’s  Marshmallow Magic from their incredible Instant collection.


Marshmallow Magic by Coordonne

The rainbow colors muted through the rolling white cloud effect sparks the imagination, but also calms and creates a grounded energy, making it the ideal design for a bedroom. The sky imagery encapsulated so beautifully here provides feelings of the endless possibility that is so synonymous with childhood. This wallpaper works beautifully in a whole range of interior ideas, and is the perfect way to allow your imagination to run wild and create a true childhood paradise. 

Alternatively, why not experiment with a bolder design for your child’s bedroom, with Coordonné’s Galaxy Night print? Available in both black and white, this amazing wallpaper is perfect for sparking interest in the realms beyond our planet, inviting imaginations to soar to a galaxy far, far away. We recommend using this to enhance a space themed bedroom, to create a truly immersive dreamy decor that your child will adore.

Galaxy Night by Coordonne

Perfect Playrooms

Unlike the bedroom space, a playroom should spark active creative energy, and focus the mind through innovative uses of color palette and design. The immense realms of possibility for these creative spaces are truly boundless, and require you to reconnect with your whimsical inner-child to create a childhood paradise that your family will love. 

Designing the perfect playroom can feel a little overwhelming. A great way to ensure a wonderful creation, is to set a theme. Abnormals Anonymous’ Sea Tales Red Rock from the AA collection perfectly complements a nautical concept. A nautical theme invites the spirit of adventure, exploration and imagination into a playroom, and can be achieved in a variety of ways.


Source: Sea Tales Red Rock by Abnormals Anonymous

Pair the print with deep sea toys, beach print furnishings or even pirate treasure trinkets, to fully immerse the space in the theme. 

Like all interior masterpieces, the devil truly is in the detail. Accessorize the room perfectly with details such as the fantastic Anchor Pull door feature from Lisa Jarvis’ Sophisticated Child collection, to create the perfect playroom. Anchor Pull by Lisa Jarvis

The worlds of literary masterpieces make for spectacular playroom ideas. Transform the play space into Lewis Carol’s Wonderland, with this Alice in Wonderland print from House of Hackney’s Hofh collection. Anchor Pull by Lisa Jarvis

This stunning print is immersed in history, being adapted from a furnishing fabric created by C.F.A Voysey in 1920. The original can be found in the V&A today, and is a wonderful way to spark and encourage an interest in both history and classic literature in your family. This encapsulating design uses bold colors which capture the attention and focus the mind, and creates a theme which has the potential to radiate across the whole space. 

Explore our range today, to spark the creative energy you need to create a childhood paradise that will provide the perfect space for many a familial memory.