Textured Wall Art

With textured wallpaper seeing a surge in popularity, from 3D geometrics and raffia woven designs to subtle gradients, are becoming layered with texture. We are drawn to exquisite wall art textures that call out to us as if they’re whispering,”touch me…go on, you know you want to”.

Many designers and wallpaper specialists are working to incorporate texture into their work. And, we must say…the results are a sight to behold, with impressive decorative walls becoming a feature in their own right. We would like to take this opportunity to share some with you. 

Let’s begin with  Wall&decó.  The use of texture in their designs continues to inspire us here at NewWall. From the repetitive patterns that perfectly blend and intertwine with one another in their Haru design to the more simplistic, yet totally dazzling gold embossed linear texture in their Yoku piece – everything is meticulously crafted for ultimate viewing pleasure and design excellence.

 Wall&decó – Haru


 Wall&decó – Yoku


Gone are the days of simply printing onto paper, it is now possible to embellish corks, grass-cloths and silks with pretty much any design. Take for example the raffia textured wallcovering by Coordonné, Mer & Nacre. It fully takes advantage of this exciting design potential. The natural, three dimensional texture makes it possible to feature artisan like patterns on the walls of your interior.

Coordonné – Mer & Nacre


If you’re after more subtle textures for your space, we suggest opting for softer designs (yet equally stunning). Wallpaper Project’s Rio design would be a captivating feature. The soft watercolor tones paired with paper textures  creates the perfect sanctuary in your space,  full of depth and intrigue.

Wallpaper Projects – Rio


Subtler again, is the Gradient Taupe design by Wallpaper Projects. With its distinct, warming color scheme and smooth appearance, the texture has a unique way of warming up a room. The smooth blending of mute beige to rich taupe exudes a flawless fade effect that promises to stir design intrigue.

Wallpaper Projects – Gradient Taupe


This is simply a glimpse at a selection of the textured wallpapers we have available for you to feast your eyes on. We invite you to explore the design possibilities of textured wall art further by visiting our shop by style page on the website.