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Untamable. Brutal. Free. Beauty – the call of the wild is captivating, awe-inspiring, and even terrifying. As a species who seeks order, the animal kingdom can seem barbaric, and even cruel at times. However, it’s undisputable, that from the creatures gliding deep within the depths of our oceans, to the magnificent beasts of the sky, the animal kingdom holds within it’s realms nature’s most spectacular creations. 

At NewWall, we’re taking a walk on the wild side, to discover how the creatures of the animal kingdom can transform your interiors. Let’s dive in.

The Roaring Rainforest

With a predicted 50 million species living within its space, there’s no better place to start our exploration of the animal kingdom than within the rainforest. Coordonné’s spectacular Hidden Puma design captures the beauty, the danger and the spontaneity with perfection, as rich green foliage masks a predative puma, just waiting to pounce. This stunning creation would be an ideal addition to an entertainment space, such as a dining room, acting as a stylish, comical conversation starter. 

Hidden Puma Green by Coordonné

Fanatical about Fusion

The animal kingdom has been a source of inspiration for artists and designers throughout the course of history. From primitive cave drawings to painting in our finest art galleries, creatures of all shapes and sizes have been included and, indeed celebrated by our kind. Wall&Deco have created a fusion of realmes, in their La Vie En Rose design. Here, we see fish swimming between an abundance of flora. Charming and beautiful, this design would be perfect in a relaxation space, such as a bathroom or living room, adding a touch of whimsy  while maintaining class. 

La Vie En Rose by Wall&decó


Birds of a feather

Birds represent a freedom our species craves. The feeling of falling without fatal consequences, the possibility to travel great distances, although we try to emulate their experiences, we always fall short. 2 Birds, from MC Escher, beautifully captures birds in flight, creating a pattern that’s both cognitively pleasing and calming. Expertly crafted, this piece draws the eye without being overwhelming, and provides an array of possibilities to transform your space.

Two Birds 23130 by MC Escher


Creature Comforts

Although much of nature is considered untamable, there are some obvious exceptions to this. Horses are a fine example of this. Loyal, obedient and serving, horses have been alongside humans in trade, in competition and even in battle. The Karakorum print from Tres Tintas Barcelona pays a glorious tribute to these creatures, presenting stallions in bright, regal colors. Introduce into a child’s space, for a bright, warm yet beautiful addition to the interior.

Karakorum by Tres Tintas Barcelona


Under the Sea

We know more about space than we do about our oceans. Making up 71% of our planet, the deep blue holds some of the largest, most magnificent creatures on earth. Welcome the magnificence and awe of the ocean into your space, with Coordonné’s Humpback Whale in navy. Inspire deep, creative dreams by incorporating this design into your bedroom space. Pair with crisp, white linen and gold features for a mesmerizing effect.

Humpback Whale Navy by Coordonné



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