Florals are Forever: 5 reasons why floral interiors never tire

Trends come and go. But floral is forever. Whether it’s a classic wallpaper, a bold statement piece, or a subtle accent, floral motifs have a hold on our interiors that we never have, and probably never will, shake! So, what makes florals so timeless? There are five reasons. Read on to find out more.

1. They create pallets that pop

First off, floral patterns have transformative popping powers. That is, they can instantly make your space. From shapes and shades to color and consistency, florals offer by far the greatest pallets to work with.

They can complement or dominate, intrigue and inspire. Plus, they work wonders alongside contrasting patterns. They’re always bringing the best out of pallets.

1. They’re mood makers

Floral patterns are known for their calming effects. The soft, organic shapes and natural colors help create a peaceful and serene atmosphere – and let’s be honest – who couldn’t use a bit of that?!

Good vibes will never go out of style – and if you really want to play into this, go for green.

Our eyes are designed to recognise the colour green – we’re actually hardwired that way. This means when we see it – we subconsciously relax and awaken. It’s why you see this color in workspaces so often! 

3. They offer versatile visions

Thanks to nature’s profound influence on artists and designers, there are endless designs that draw inspiration from florals. This power of versatility is a huge reason why florals have kept their spot at the forefront of interior design. 

You can make a statement….

or keep it soft and subtle…

There’s always plenty to choose from. And remember, floral doesn’t mean feminine. It’s all about the tones you choose.

4. They’re a timeless trend

When we say florals are forever, we actually mean throughout human history! Florals have been a beloved interior design trend for centuries, with ancient civilizations and cultures celebrating them just as much as we do today.

From Ancient Egypt and Greece, through to the Renaissance, Victorian and modern-day eras, florals have remained a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners alike. This enduring appeal is a testament to the timeless elegance and beauty of floral designs.

5. They offer escapism

Every now and then, we all need a little escapism. Many floral prints invite you to welcome beautiful outdoor scenes into your surroundings. They have the power to transport you to another place in space, and even in time.

Who wouldn’t want to take in these scenes after a long day? This quality is extremely picturesque, and it’s a desire that’s always in demand. 

So, there’s the mystery solved! Florals are the ultimate interior feature because of their super pallet-popping, mood-making, inspiration-giving, history-shaping and scene-scaping. What more could you ask for? All that’s left is to find the perfect floral design for your space.