Here at NewWall, we are advocates for grasscloth wallpaper and truly believe in its transformative power. Being a natural-fiber, handwoven wallcovering, the beauty of grasscloth is in its charming structure and subtle imperfections. Through the products organic discrepancies, it delivers warmth and texture to a whole host of spaces, making grasscloth wallpaper timeless, yet undeniably a trendy interior design feature.

Its rustic but refined aesthetic blends perfectly with an array of design styles and has been a popular option since the 1970s and 80s. Grasscloth wallpaper’s surge in popularity 60+ years’ ago was largely down to the Green Movement and a desire by many for a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Grass Wallpapers For Environmental
Change And Well-Being

Interestingly, today, people are taking action against the climate crisis. Consumers are turning to environmentally friendly options for their purchases including Grasscloth wallpapers by designers such as Coordonne. Many Grasscloth designs are available in a plethora of colors, while still retaining their natural qualities.

Some designers are taking this trend one step further. For example, Abnormals Anonymous are layering the already distinctive structure of grasscloth with modern abstract patterns.

Not only are Grasscloth wallpapers more environmentally friendly, durable and sustainable, they also have the ability to evoke a sense of comfort and well-being. They benefit from sound and heat insulation qualities, as well as being both breathable and able to regulate humidity. 

If you are in search of a wallpaper that provides a calming and restorative ambience in a private, public or commercial space, grasscloth is a fantastic option. Wallpapers with grass surfaces integrate exceptionally well with a vast array of interior design visions and suit a number of style preferences.

NewWall’s Interior Design
Inspiration With Grasscloth Wallpapers



Wallpapers with grasscloth surfaces certainly aren’t limited to a single style. Their versatility in pattern and color enables them to be integrated with an array of design concepts. The only real restriction is that they are not entirely suited to spaces that experience high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

Opt to introduce a grasscloth wallpaper on a feature wall, or cover the entire room – the opportunities are truly endless. Take advantage of the product’s delicate patterns as seen in Coordonne’s Campos designs and benefit from distinctive walls without introducing huge impact. 



We highly recommend that you consider the size of the space you are looking to introduce grasscloth wallpaper into, as well as the lighting. Darker grass wallpapers such as Armani Casa’s Plain Fuji & Java GA3-9393  may make a room appear smaller and more narrow.



On the other hand, light designs such as Fausel Biskamp’s Platinum Abacca 32781K will create the feeling of a larger space.

When it comes to natural wallpapers, less is certainly more. Utilize its clear shapes and simplistic beauty. Why not try pairing a grasscloth wallpaper with Asian-style furniture to achieve the highly sought-after pure minimalist look?


It goes without saying that retro revival styles like a modern take on the Country Look work particularly well with the rustic aesthetic of grasscloth wallpaper.

When furnishing your space, we’d recommend avoiding bright artificial colors as they have a tendency to clash with the subtle hues of natural wallpaper. Opt for neutral tones such as black or white. Alternatively, if you’re looking to inject a touch of vibrancy into your space, consider nuances of yellow or refreshing pastel colors – just be sure that they match the tone of the grass wallcovering.

Experiment with your materials and see what brings your vision to life. Natural materials, including stone and bamboo will complement the unique structures of grasscloth wallpaper, while plastic of metal elements may provide an interesting abstract contrast.

At NewWall, we are proud to stock a number of luxury grasscloth wallpaper designs by the likes of Coordonne, Armani CasaAbnormals Anonymous and Fausel Biskamp. Each of these genuine woven wallcoverings promises to create charming impact for your walls, while being both sustainable and eco-friendly. If you need any assistance selecting the perfect grasscloth wallpaper to complete your interior design concept, get in touch today. We will be delighted to help.