Get The Look. Hollywood Regency with Dorothy Draper

At NewWall, we’re proud to present you with the fresh and exciting new wallcoverings and fabrics from the incredible design house of Dorothy Draper. 

A little about Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper catapulted to stardom when founding the first-ever interior design house in 1925.  A true pioneer, Draper was the first commercial interior decorator and is credited with professionalizing the field, as she worked in partnership with the male-dominated architects and real estate developers. After divorcing, she incorporated her business as Dorothy Draper Inc.

Draper is famed as the mother of Modern Baroque. A unique style, Modern Baroque encapsulates dazzling black-and-white schemes with bursts of color, bold stripes, oversized bouquets of flowers, neo-baroque engravings, and contemporary twists on classic furniture styles.

Her Maximalist approach to color and form thrived among large public spaces and modern buildings, including iconic interiors such as the restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California and Hampshire House in New York.

Draper & Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is known for its fusion of opulence and comfort – using combinations of bold color palettes alongside metallic or glass accents. Draper’s creations helped to shape this iconic era of interiors, and it’s still resonating through design to this day.

Interior Design & Hollywood

When considering aesthetics in the world of Hollywood, no creator quite captures style as eloquently as Ryan Murphy. Notorious for his blend of beauty and, well, brutality, Murphy’s works tell some of the darkest tales known to hit our screens, all of which take place among the most iconic fashion and interior design creations.

Ratched is no exception. A prequel into the life of the infamous Nurse Ratched (the antagonist of the 1975 Classic, One Bird Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) this story unfolds in 1947, and is filmed in the Arrowhead Springs Hotel,  decorated by Draper herself.

Throughout the series, we see a stream of incredible interiors. Let’s explore how you can create these with a selection of Draper’s new collection fabrics and wallpapers.

Creating Calm

Throughout this series, Murphy used color symbolism to portray hidden emotion and character, meaning costume and interior played a huge role in the storytelling of Ratched. You too could use color and pattern to convey a feeling.

The bedrooms in the hospital exude calm, with soft blues and complementary floral fabrics. Draper’s collection allows you the opportunity to welcome this same relaxing ambience, by blending the Saratoga Rose Blue wallcovering, with the Snowy Egret fabric – which could be used through drapery or upholstering.

Shop product: Saratoga Rose Blue

Shop product: Snowy Egret

Exude Opulence

By far the grandest of interiors featured throughout Ratched were those in the LA home of designer, Tony Duquette. His incredible interiors were the backdrop for the character Lenore Osgood, an eccentric and cunning heiress who exudes opulence in each scene…typical of Hollywood Regency era.

Bold emerald greens coat the walls as cleverly clashing fabrics bring a unique, dazzling quality to the space. Draper’s latest collection allows you to recreate this in your own interior. Murphy used reds throughout the show to portray passion or a loss of control. When combined with such a vibrant green, this space conveys spirited confidence and creativity – ideal for a communal space or dining area.


Source: Pinterest

Taste that’s Timeless

The office within the hospital is one of Murphy’s most interesting uses of color throughout the show. At first glance, the space seems soft and calming, as does the manager of the establishment. However, as the show progresses Dr Richard Hanover’s preoccupation with violent, brutal methods becomes clear, which is where Murphy’s decision of the deep red carpet emerges.



Character aside, this blend of soft, deep blues and reds creates a timeless palette that would work beautifully in a bedroom or relaxation space, especially with the soothing repetition of patterns created by the light curtains. Introduce this pattern into your space, using Draper’s Strie Dance, alongside the navy Resort Outdoor Quilt and Palm Beach Linen fabrics.

We hope you enjoyed this exploration into Ratched, Hollywood Regency and Draper. Be sure to explore the full range of new fabrics and wallcoverings from Dorothy Draper here at NewWall, today.