Luck O’ The Irish: St Paddy’s Inspired Interiors

St Patrick’s Day is the good vibes-only holiday that I always look forward to. While waiting for March the 17th to approach, I got to thinking: how could I inject the spirit of St Paddy’s Day into interior stylings? Grab your Guinness and read on, to discover how to do just that, with our collections right here at NewWall.

Greeny Goodness

Of course, I couldn’t start this theme with anything other than green. The official color of the occasion, it’s a brilliant way to add an earthy elegance to your space.

By combining hints of orange, as seen above with XL Wheat Spike, you can bring out the Irish in your interiors even more!

We could all do with a little luck – and as the saying goes, the Irish hold more than most! I love how Jeu Green conveys this notion so playfully, with the card table green and various poker hands showing.

St Patrick’s Day is all about celebration and fun. I’ve found that the most magical moments are made when things get a little bit messy. Alya is a playful reminder of this.

Liquid Gold

During St Patrick’s Day celebrations, it’s not just the good vibes that are free flowing. Beer is the liquid gold that keeps the party going. So, how could you inject a little of this party juice into your space?

Cellular patterns is a playful nod to this theme, emulating the rising bubbles we’re all familiar with. Add this to your space to create a stylish drinks den to entertain in.

Or, you could really go for gold, with Demiurge Blake Gold. Loud, proud and bursting with life, this design is perfect to inject a little St Paddy’s Day spirit into your space.

End of the Rainbow

We’re all familiar with the lucky Shamrock…but did you know the rainbow is an Irish cultural symbol for luck too? It all stems from ancient folklore, that a leprechaun (if caught) will lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s believed that this story began because of the frequent rainbow appearances in Ireland (thanks to their eclectic and unpredictable weather).

So, why not inject a little of that lucky charm into your space? We’ve got an array of bright and beautiful designs to help you….

I hope you enjoyed this little dive into Irish-inspired interiors. Ready to explore my full range of picks here at NewWall? Browse here.