Make Memories this Mother’s Day

As a mother myself, I understand the urge to provide our children with everything they can hope and dream for. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, you’ll likely be pondering now, more than ever, on what you can do to provide the very best environment for the younger members of your family…

For me, it’s a homely space in which they can thrive. A place that inspires creativity, confidence, and development. Here are my top wallpaper picks from the Random Kids Collection by Coordonné that will help you to achieve just that.

What’s more? I’m certain that these pieces will form a nostalgic bond that you and your family will treasure for years to come….


Continents, countries and capitals – let your little one be bewildered by the globe. Reciting their geographical A, B’s and C’s with facts about the big wide world, Mundi Blue is truly inspiring for a child who seeks to explore the wonders of the world. 

Why not even encourage spot dotting the places you’ve already travelled to as a family? This is the perfect activity to enjoy quality time with your little ones this Mother’s Day.

Jumping Bambis

Looking to inspire creativity in your children? Jumping Bambis is perfect for toddlers as they explore life in an adorably, spontaneous way. 

While the wallpaper promises to stand the test of time with its simplistic silhouette, you may wish to get a little creative…

We all know what it’s like to clean up walls that have been brushed by a Crayola or gel pen. Why not embrace it? Spend Mother’s Day coloring in the white space and feed your little one’s artistic desires with your very own bespoke wall mural.

Balloon Rides

Dolls’ House

Perhaps your child likes to play house? Look no further, as this exquisite design gives them four.  With an elongated perspective, these groovy dollhouses provide a life-like setting to explore the ultimate house play. Imagine: Mother’s Day spent with your little one sitting on the imaginary porch, pouring a cup of tea with a meticulous congregation of teddy bears and plastic toys – there’s no better feeling.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on how to rejuvenate your little one’s room in time for Mother’s Day. Browse my full selection of picks here at NewWall and ignite your interior inspiration. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day to all of you!