Making the Impossible Possible with MC Escher

Inspiration comes in many forms. For some, it’s an abstract idea that can be moulded into reality, but for others, it comes from a deep appreciation and understanding of what’s come before. 

At NewWall, we hold a great admiration for all of the eclectic collections that we hold.  From bold and daring murals that command attention, to designs holding subtle beauty that complements a space, by browsing our pages you’ll be sure to spark your interior imagination. 

Today, we welcome you to explore new realms of creative possibility, with the mind-bending designs of the iconic MC Escher, and his journey from inspiration to innovation.

“Only those who attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible” – MC Escher 

Mauritz Corneal Escher is one of the most celebrated graphic artists of the 20th Century. Best known for his “impossible construction” pieces, MC Escher sparked innovation by crossing the boundaries of creativity and disregarding the notion of impossibility, to bend our perceptions of reality. 

MC Escher’s intense fascination with volume, shape and length allowed him to be a master of deception and optical illusion, creating designs that challenge the viewer’s understanding of what’s possible in our world. His art worked to both spark our inventive nature, and question our perceived boundaries for creativity in reality. 

Join us, as we delve behind the brand and explore in greater depth, the story behind a selection of the MC Escher murals we offer at Newwall.


Bond Of Union by MC Escher


Created in 1956, Bond of Union is one of Escher’s more atypical pieces. Surreal and other worldly, this piece depicts Escher and his partner’s heads held in spacetime. 

The two busts composed of one piece of ribbon, intertwine to illustrate the meaning of unification. Planets of varying  sizes orbit around them, giving the image a fascinating, transcendent character with extraordinary depth.

A study in emotional construction, Escher is exploring the relationship between mind and matter, and it undoubtedly holds an emotional beauty that insightfully and inventively captures the human experience in a new light that we can all relate to, but had never considered. 


Little Sphere by MC Escher

Created in 1946, 3 Spheres encapsulates Escher’s intrigue for reflections and the mirroring effect created within spheres. The original design explores these themes within the spheres themselves, but also on the reflective surface for which they lay. 

When applied to a wall mural, this design is mesmerizing to behold, and works to spark that same fascination Escher himself felt when illustrating the original. 


Up And Down by MC Escher


Up and Down is one of the most iconic masterpieces imagined by Escher. Created in 1947,  this piece is now considered as quintessentially Escher in nature. Demonstrating his famous fascination with distance, length and angles, the architecture tantalises imagination into  concepts and metaphysical constructs to amazing effect. Adapted into a panel, the design playfully merges two perspectives simultaneously into a single image. 

Escher’s architecture, with its impossible constructions reveals the amazing creativity that he held, and inspires us to follow suit. 


Invite the Impossible into your Interior

Escher spent much of his life proving that our realms of creativity supersede our boundaries of possibility, and this is your opportunity to embrace that notion. Explore the stunning MC Escher collection today, and transform your interiors with his innovation.