5 Interior Trends to watch in 2022: The Year of Comfort & Longevity

With 2021 drawing to a close, I’ve found myself looking back at the past year and the unexpected changes it’s brought our way. In our homes, we’ve seen a switch of focus onto comfort and durability, as we began to accept the idea that home working and schooling may be the new normal. Let’s explore how you can style your interiors with comfort and longevity in mind, with my personal favorites from our array of wallpaper and fabric offerings here at NewWall.


1. Minimalism

“Buy less, choose well, make it last” – The Minimalist Mantra

Too often, I’ve found that minimalism is misinterpreted as an unobtainable, showroom lifestyle that we all wish we could have…but just isn’t doable in practice.

This emerging 2022 trend of minimalism isn’t the idea of throwing away all your items for a “tidy life”, but rather, enhancing your space by only furnishing with the essentials. Simplicity, clean lines and soft palettes that use colors as accents work to create a tranquil space you can truly relax in. I often hear concerns that minimalism steals comfort. This needn’t be the case, and I invite you to consider gold accents to inject warmth, as seen with our stunning Glazed Concrete wallpaper, from Tres Tintas, below.

And as for the clutter? Well, that’s what built-in storage is for!

Minimalism doesn’t need to be white and bright. As you can see with Calico’s Relic Stela design, you can introduce deeper tones into your space while still maintaining the minimalist mantra.

2. Home garden

One of the few fantastic things to come from the Pandemic was a reconnection with the great outdoors. As we were all suddenly forced to stay still, we began to start re-appreciating the beauty of the outside world right on our doorsteps. This is my guess as to why “home garden” interiors are set to be big in 2022, and I for one, couldn’t be more thrilled.

As you can see, I’ve already made a start on embracing this trend, by jungle-ifying little Beau’s room with Landscapes Casa De Vidro Sunrise. This playful, vibrant mural is a firm favorite in my home, and I’m certain your kids will love it too.

Alternatively, you could create a secret garden paradise in your home, with Treillage Pink from Coordonné’s Maximalism collection. Although travel may be limited, you can now escape to a tropical haven without having to leave your home. Introduce into your bathroom for an unbeatably relaxing home garden experience.

If subtlety is more the vibe you’re going for, then you need look no further than Daybreak Verde from Emma Hayes. A stunning homage to nature, this design works wonders in living spaces, injecting the breath of fresh air we all long for.

3. Awesome Offices

After the panic buying, what was your next “oh no” moment of the Pandemic? For many, I bet it was trying to find a suitable backdrop for your Zoom meetings.

Finding a clutter-free, professional, yet stylish corner of your home that would serve as the perfect background to impress colleagues, had some crouched in corners under stairs, and others balancing laptops precariously on household items. With all this, plus the huge rise in home/blended working, I’m really not surprised that awesome home offices are an emerging trend of 2022.

A personal favorite of mine is the Gatsby Black wallpaper from Coordonné’s Random Metallics collection. When paired with clean simplicity in furnishings, this design promises to get you looking forward to signing in on Monday mornings.

Favor a softer space? Well, then Ueris, from Tres Tintas is more you. A fresh, elegant and beautiful feature, I adore this design, especially in rooms with plenty of natural light.

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share with you the Newspaper Map Sepia wallpaper design from Coordonné. The ultimate backdrop for your Zoom meetings, this design is perfect for those who like to inject their character and wanderlust into their space, without compromising professionalism.

4. Velvet

Are you considering upcycling? What holds many people back from trying, is the selection of fabrics. You need something that’s gorgeous (obviously), but durable too. Velvet is an ideal material for this, and, with this beautiful style being the in-thing for 2022, there’s no time like the present to get started!

I personally recommend injecting new life into older furnishings with the Birdbranch Velvet Panel fabric from Timorous Beasties, that we hold here at NewWall. Classy with stunning detailing, the Birdbranch fabric comes in a range of colors, so you can choose whether your furnishing will make a statement, or complement in a more subtle way.

Looking for other ways to invite velvet into your space? Why not try drapes? The Napoleon Bee fabric from Timorous Beasties makes for opulent curtains that ooze style and sophistication, and can act as a feature in their own right!

Top tip: purchase a little extra fabric and create beautiful matching cushions.

5. Curves and Swerves

The final emerging trend of 2022 I’d like to discuss today is curved furnishings and decor. This quintessentially 80’s theme is making a comeback in new, exciting ways and I’d love to share a few of my favorites with you.

In studies, you can’t beat a bright deep plunge chair. Surprisingly comfortable, this chair allows you to recline and let your thoughts wander. Personally, I’d pair it with our beautifully bold Lirica Mural, from Tres Tintas Rubrica collection, as seen below.

If you’re looking for a way to introduce a much-needed haven into your home, then I recommend a curved futon with a light, neutral pallet. For the best results, you can’t beat a soft wallcovering, such as our Nebula Mist design from Emma Hayes. 

A space for relaxation, meditation, or maybe just somewhere to unwind with a coffee and magazine…what a dream. 

If you’re rethinking your living room for 2022, then the curved sofa is a must. Soft, stylish and simple, a curved sofa is a great way to embrace the trend and impress visitors. Pair with our Cochin design from Tres Tintas for the ultimate jaw-dropping interior combination.

I hope you enjoyed this exploration into the emerging interior trends of 2022. There’s one thing that’s for certain, comfort and longevity have never looked so good. Be sure to browse my full range of top picks here at NewWall, today.