Maria’s Edit: Christmas Approaching

As time is racing along with no hope of a stop sign (2022…already?!), it’s time to get preparing for Christmas! Whether you’re looking to gift yourself this season with fresh interiors, or are searching for gift inspiration – here at NewWall we’re ready and waiting to assist.

With the memory of last year fresh in my mind, I can tell you I’m certainly not dreaming of a Covid-Christmas…and I’m sure I’m not alone in my determination to make this one special – to end 2021 on a festive and fabulous flourish.

To this end, I’m sharing with you my top mood board picks from our offerings here at NewWall. Let’s dive in!

Mood #1: The Midas Touch

Opulent, glamorous, and drop-dead gorgeous, enter the new year with the Midas touch. Now is the perfect time to welcome gold into a space. Not only does it provide much-needed warmth throughout the season, but it offers spectacular festive styling opportunities too!

For a breathtaking interior transformation, I recommend combining Wall&Deco’s exquisite Yoku Black Wallpaper with Timorous Beasties’ Gold On Golden Oriole Cushion and the Knot Pull furniture jewelry from Lisa Jarvis. These pieces work to complement rather than overpower, and promise to make either a stunning addition or the perfect golden gift.

Mood #2: Frosty Fanatics

Whether you’re a lover or loather of the winter months, I’m sure we can all agree that the frost brings with it the most beautiful of scenery. Welcome this icy aesthetic into your interior, by combining Komorebi Grey wallpaper from Wall&Deco, with the River Cushion from Emma Hayes and the Bryon Pull from Lisa Jarvis.

I couldn’t recommend the River Cushion enough as a gift. Its ability to complement many interior tastes makes it both a safe, yet stunning present for a loved one.

Mood #3: Midnight Motifs

When I think of the winter months, the long, dark nights always come to mind. Bringing black into your interior brings an array of stunning possibilities.

Personally, I adore the blend of textures that black allows you to explore. Take Wall&Deco’s Ashi Black wallpaper for example – the jagged texture of this piece pairs beautifully with the soft, Sumi Pebble Oyster Cushion from Cope.

Why not bundle together this cushion with the Stacked Obi Pull from Lisa Jarvis, for a perfect present this Christmas?

I do hope you found these style suggestions helpful in your search for festive inspiration. For more top picks from me, be sure to explore my Maria’s Edit page.