Maria’s Edit: Restorative Resolutions for 2022

December is a wonderful time of year. A time to celebrate what you have, and think about what you’d like in the new year, this month is filled with optimistic, hopeful energy. Today, I’m sharing with you my restorative resolutions for the new year, along with some interior inspirations for how we at NewWall can help you along the way.

A Restorative New Year

With all the uncertainty and stresses that the previous year has brought, I’ve decided that 2022 will be a year where I focus on restorative energy. That is, rather than focusing on resolutions to bend and push myself to new limits, I’ve decided to dedicate the next 12 months to nurturing and embracing what I have. Here are 5 small restorative resolutions that promise big changes for the new year.

1. Be with nature

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed from time to time. On those days where small, everyday stresses feel like scaling a mountain in stilettos, I find escaping to nature to be a huge help to me. In 2022, why not be with nature, to restore your positive energy?

Sure, this can be done through daily walks and weekend adventures, but it can also be achieved through your interiors, too. Use your favourite season and environment to create a bedroom you can escape to, no matter the day.

For this, I can’t think of a more appropriate design house than Emma Hayes. Their stunning collections inspired by the landscapes of New Zealand ignite the spirit of escapism and nature, as you can see below with Bloom in Smoke.

2. Nourish with Nutrition

Too often when on the go I’m guilty of prioritising convenience over nutrition. Often in the form of fast food and unintentional fasting, convenience in diet is often the enemy of nutritional health. I urge you to join me in making nutritional choices that nourish our bodies in 2022, for a year that prioritises both your own health and your family’s too. A wonderful way to do this is by creating an idyllic space to dine and prioritise nutritious, wholesome foods together, as seen with our stunning Noir Velvet design from Calico.

Sit down meals that hold the nutrients we need to flourish will help to create the restorative 2022 I’m striving for. 

3. Create separation with work and home

Home and blended working are, in many ways, a positive change to come of the last year. However, it’s without a doubt causing some new challenges with work/life balance. How can we leave work at the office when the home IS the office?! 

In 2022, to ensure restorative balance, I will be creating separation between work and home, even if they’re in the same space. Stylistically, there are many wonderful ways this can be done. If you don’t have a separate office room, you can create a dedicated working space in an area of your home. Introduce a feature wall to your office area and invest in a great desk and comfy chair to help ignite workplace spirit from your home, as seen below with Tres Tintas’ Pluvisilva (left) and Epifica Gold (right).

Once the space is established, the next step is setting your work hours (and yes, sticking to them!).

4. Calm among Chaos

In my career, I have the joy of being surrounded by stunning interior design possibilities on a daily basis. In my home life however, reality sets in! Family life can’t be as clutter free and picture perfect as a showroom, and throughout this next year I will be embracing that fact. In 2022, join me in finding calm among chaos, and happiness in acknowledging that a little mess can mean fun! 

You could even introduce this mantra into your interiors, with more whimsical features such as My Library design from Coordonné’s Random Kids collection

Wall&decó  act as a dominant, repetitive pattern adding order to the room.  While the overlaid floral and animal prints roam free, disrupting the structure and adding a captivatingly beautiful dimension.

5. Strength in Mind & Body

As is tradition with new year’s resolutions, a promise to commit to priorize exercise should be included. However, I’d like to do this a little differently. Rather than signing up for a dreaded bootcamp or latest fad fitness trend, I urge you to instead experiment with types of movement. Whether you find joy in dance or boxing, trampolining or swimming, embrace your passion and enjoy it! And that’s just in body…

In mind, I’ll be prioritizing restorative activities to strengthen my mental wellbeing. I encourage you to trial different methods, such as meditation, journaling and mindfulness, so you can find what works best for you. You could even create a calming space where you can explore these exercises. I recommend neutral tones in a minimalist style, as seen below with Emma Hayes’ stunning Nebula Mist design.

So, there we have it! My suggestions for restorative resolutions. Hoping 2022 will be a year of interior excellence? Browse our full range of wallcoverings and fabrics here at NewWall, and make that resolution a reality today.