Maria’s Edit: Invigorate your interior for Spring

What’s your favorite time of year? For me, nothing beats Spring. 

As a mom,  I find the season of renewal to be incredible – the longer, warmer days beckon optimism and productivity that serve to refresh and recharge, ready to take on the rest of the year as the best parent I can possibly be. 

And it doesn’t end at home….in anticipation of this rejuvenating time of year, I’m currently refreshing our NewWall offerings with some recent arrivals from Calico Wallpaper.  A selection of fresh and exciting pieces, their designs offer many stunning backdrops for you to commence spring with. Calico Wallpaper’s stratospheric designs catapulted me into this season of opportunity, and I’m here to share my personal favorites with you.

From Soil to Sky – The Season of Renewal

I adore the season for many reasons, but there’s something truly magical about nature’s transition from blustery Winter to budding Spring. Every aspect of our outside world changes,  from the soil to the skies, and this particular design from Calico focuses on the latter.

Calico’s Atmosphere perfectly represents the sky’s journey throughout Spring, with each color presenting a beautiful, familiar theme.

Atmosphere Daybreak

Daybreak offers an enchanting, almost nebula effect to enhance your mood. The design creates an aura of early dawn and reminds me of the calming charm of Daybreak’s renewed light.  Available with dutch leaf substrate, this wallcovering will imbue your space with a celestial charm. 

Just picture this stunning design cascading across your ceiling – you could awaken to Springtime daybreak every morning!

Atmosphere Solstice

This pallet evokes imagery of warmth as when the sun radiates through misty shades. The design exudes a positive and hopeful mood and is available with dutch leaf substrate to add to its warmth.  Atmosphere Solstice will undoubtedly bring an unmistakable serenity to any space. I personally recommend introducing solstice into a lounge or office area, to ignite natural, optimistic energy.

The Awakening Earth – Eden

The Eden collection brings a touch of spice to Spring and is just a perfect encapsulation of the awakening earth, and all the incredible natural life that emerges.  A veritable garden of Eden to satisfy your taste for health and fulfilment, Calico offers an array of beautiful colors, each emitting an entirely unique essence.

Eden Ginger

Eden Ginger evokes a vibrant sense of purity and strength. A non-repeating mural in dutch and silver leaf, Eden Ginger is strikingly opulent. The Eden motif against such a rich pallet creates a wonderful clarity that conveys the transition of frost to warmth that this season follows. This design would be a superb wallpaper for any home or corporate space.  

Eden Fig

Eden Fig conjures up a strong sensation of abundant life. The colors are rich and teeming with energy. The opulent purple and turquoise figs are illuminated magnificently by the black background.  Ancient in origin, the Fig represents a myriad of positive life affirmations such as prosperity and affluence, a veritable bounty of riches. Why not splash out and consider the options of the design with a dutch and silver leaf substrate?

The Season of Enlightenment

Satori – Awakening, comprehension and understanding. A goal of enlightenment within Zen Buddhism.

There is no better example of Calico’s seasonal inspiration than that shown in their Satori design.

Satori Zenith 

The Satori wallpaper draws inspiration from Kintsugi, the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. By filling in cracks or breaks with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum, flaws are highlighted and celebrated rather than disguised. The range of colors available provide a spectrum of choices to satisfy your mood. Satori Zenith uses these ideas with bold black and glistening gold to draw you in – just don’t fall into the cracks!

Satori Wildfire 

This pallet offers a brighter aspect than Zenith, and has an all-consuming light to it. A glorious gold that suggests a conflagration in the wake of a summer storm, Wildfire has a depth that entices the mind and warms the soul. Pair with deep, dark furnishings for an interior to ignite!

Springtime Explorations

Spring is the most wonderful time of year to explore the great outdoors – both on foot and in your interior designs. Bring the outdoors indoors with the Wanderlust design inspired by Henri Rousseau.

An artist surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, it’s no wonder that his creations delved into the depths of an exotic landscape embellished by the imagination…and this design from Calico does just this!

Wanderlust Allure 

Wanderlust Allure entices lookers to enter into a beguilingly warm and tempting woodland adventure. Allure invites you on a mesmerizing stroll through a forest, where a pallet of deep browns and warm golds transports you to new realms of exploration. Brilliant for any commercial or residential property yearning for a touch of escapism.

Wanderlust Haven 

Wanderlust Haven too, is immersive and envelopes junglescape to magnificent effect. With Haven, you’re invited to explore uncharted territories and discover an unfamiliar world, this time among bright greens on a light, airy backdrop. Haven  works to breathe space and freedom into your interiors, and is the perfect addition to a relaxation or creative space.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration into Spring. Browse my full selection of picks here at NewWall and ignite your interior inspiration.