Maria’s Edit: Leveling up your game room

Hello, Maria here! Today I’m sharing my thoughts on design for home entertainment spaces.

Being a mother myself, I know that we’re always thinking of new and exciting ways to engage the whole family. With Easter vastly approaching, you may have some ideas on how to entertain everyone during the reunion – and what better way to do it, than creating or updating an entertainment room? Whether you’re looking to make new memories in anticipation of a family get together or create an escape from your work from home duties, an entertainment room is a great addition to your home. 

 I’ve personally selected my top picks for this particular kind of space, as well as a number of styling tips to help you along the way.

Cocktail corner

If you’re looking to host a fabulous night with friends, adding a cocktail lounge or bar cart to your space will get everyone excited! Imagine, a night of laughs and love, reminiscing over to good times and making new memories with the influence of liquid courage. Bar carts are in, and they don’t have to be boring. Open your eyes to the different shapes, patterns and colours of your cocktail corner. Feel free to add your favorite bouquet of flowers and a range of decedent martini glasses – it will be a hit with your guests!

When it comes to cocktail corners, it’s best to be bold. Switch to the wild side with Wild Card Butterscotch by House of Hackney. This gorgeous Leopard print will make a statement, adding glamor and versatility to your drinks-making space.

Pair it with a drinks cart and a tall grown plant to create a forestry ambience to share with friends and family.

Let’s entertain!

What’s the use of having an entertainment room without entertainment? Let’s talk about multi-purpose additions for your space. 

Personally, I love hands-on games for family time. Anything that drives a little healthy competition is welcome in my home, and if you’re the same, then I’ve got just the feature for you.  A multipurpose games table with options like ping pong, billiards and air hockey all in one, is perfect for versatile and engaging entertainment, plus it’s a great aesthetic feature too. 

If you’re seeking a more relaxing space to spend time with the family, then I recommend creating a home cinema, with a wall projector and cozy bag chairs. Watch your favorite Netflix series or sports game in a comfy, yet entertaining space. 

Setting the tone for your entertainment room is best achieved with the perfect wallpaper. I suggest Jeu Green from the Maximalism collection. One look at this piece and your poker face will be ready to go. The repetitive detailed deck of cards are beautifully laid out with a green background, reminiscent of a poker table.

Inspire the little ones

What’s the use of having an entertainment room without entertainment? Let’s talk about multi-purpose additions for your space. 

Now let’s think about the little ones. They will have a great time manoeuvring around their new games room. So, let’s delve into the ideas!

Depending on their age, you could tailor the room to their hobbies and interests. Imagine creating a platform stage for your children to sing, perform and create their own plays. It would be a great way for them to start generating creative ideas! Or, you could deck out the space with shelves of their favorite books and a relaxing reading corner.

If you were looking for ideas for older children, you may want to think about fitting a projector, gaming chairs and headsets, so that they can play their favorite video games with friends. Rest assured, any of these suggestions will create gleaming smiles and happy emotions.

Has the story of Alice in Wonderland always been a family favorite? Well, I’ve got the wallpaper for you! Delve into your little ones’ imagination and create a wonderland of your own. Alice in Wonderland from the House of Hackney Collection depicts the numerous characters and stories lines of the beloved tale. The humorous and charming imagery will inspire your child to think beyond the norm and tackle any creative blocks.

Go dark but with a modern twist

If you’re a person who enjoys dim lighting and moody surroundings you’ll appreciate Snakes and Adders from the House of Hackney collection. The paper has a theme of unravelling serpents surrounding the walls around you, providing a dramatic, exciting and exhilarating touch to your room. The perfect place to read about Slytherin’s house in your favorite Harry Potter novel.

Saturday night fever

Let’s have some fun! Whether it’s a wine night with the ladies or you’re little ones’ BFF sleepover, using Phantasia Sapphire, by House of Hackney, will set the scene. The detailing of vibrant colours and mystical dragons is the best conversation starter and backdrop to get the ball rolling. Pair the paper with quirky lighting and a rotating disco ball to set up the floor and dance the night away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my take on how to spruce up your entertainment room. Browse my full selection of picks here at NewWall and ignite your interior inspiration. Have a wonderful Easter all!