Diving into the Dark

Do you ever sit down to relax, only for your brain to hit you with a list ofto-dos? For me, it was happening every time I went to lounge in my living room…and I’ve finally decided to do something about it. Hi, Maria here. Here’s how I went about transforming my living room. Plus, I’ve included some tips for you, too!

My Living Room,
My To-Do List

So, why was it that every time I sat down in my living room, I was hit with to-dos? I’ll admit I’m a perfectionist. And the blank wall behind my television was not the best use of space, which, especially as chiefwall art connoisseur at NewWall, I couldn’t accept. So, I decided it was time for a change, and I could think of no better design to do the job than Muse Simone from Calico.

For this wall, I was looking for a dark design, but I didn’t want to go plain. That being said, with the significant collection of artwork throughout my home, I needed something that complemented rather than clashed. And, Muse Simone fit the bill. It’s always been a favorite of mine at NewWall, and I was waiting for the ideal spot to put it – safe to say I found it! Check it out up close…

Muse from Calico is a celebration of the feminine in all it’s forms. Bold strokes with stunning simplicity create a design that just love. Are you considering a dark feature wall in your home? I’ve got some ideas for you!

Wanderlust Delve

Deep, mysterious, beautiful – meet Wanderlust Delve, from Calico. The darkness of the background doesn’t dull your space, it actually draws you in. And the more you stare, the more you see. Have you noticed the little birds pitched on the branches?

La Scala Milano

Black features are incredibly in right now – and if you want to jump on that trend I don’t blame you! But before you go and attack your walls with a paint brush – I’d love to suggest an alternative…

La Scala Milano’s texture offers an ultra-stylish take on the black trend, allowing you to stay in vogue in your own way.

Orlo 1, Black on Gold

Sometimes, you just need a little sparkle. Black on Gold from Wallpaper Projects is a gorgeous way to go dark, with a vibrant, brilliant twist.

Spiral Chaos

Sometimes, the best way to find calm is to embrace chaos. What I love about this design from 17 patterns, is the spiral effect. Spiral Chaos proves that even in chaos, you can find pattern and order. A good lesson to carry through life, I think!

Eyes in the dark

To finish up, I thought another trend option should be mentioned. Eyes in the Dark is your simple, elegant answer to the question, how am I going to get panelling into my space? Half the effort, and let’s face it, far more refreshing than following the trend in full, this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this dive into deep wallpaper possibilities. Be sure to browse my favorites here at NewWall, today.