Maria’s Edit: Transforming My Powder Room

We’ve all got a space in our house we’re not crazy about. Whether it’s a dated box room or a shabby understairs, there’s always at least one area that’s never a priority, but always an eye roll. In my case, it was my plain little washroom. 

Maria here – CEO and Chief Wall Art Connoisseur here at NewWall. Today, I’m sharing with you how I transformed my washed-out washroom into a perfect powder room.

My powder room, my priority

So, the day finally came when I decided to make my powder room, my priority. One of the cozier spaces in my home, I wanted to add some character to the room, without making it feel cluttered. 

Well, I doubt you’ll be surprised to read, I turned to wallpaper to transform my space. This time, I chose Two Birds, from our MC Escher collection.

Did you see the green or the cream birds first? Escher’s blend of mathematics and artistry, creates pleasing (and at times, puzzling) designs that make for a wonderfully feature in your home. 

Here’s how it turned out for me…

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But now, I want to help you. It’s time to transform that space that irritates you, and wallpaper is an easy, yet incredibly powerful way to do it. I’ve made it even simpler, by selecting my personal favorites for this season.

Leafy goodness

Nature-inspired interior trends are still going strong. That’s great, but before you jump on this one, I recommend you try to do it a little differently. 

Leafy designs are a great way to inject nature into your space in a less obvious way. They’re versatile, subtle yet stylish, and promise to give your space the breath of fresh air it deserves.

Throw some shapes

If you’re looking for a contemporary feel, I can think of no better than these two designs from Coordonné’s Geo collection. Tectonic Faults (right) and Cubic Routes (left), effortlessly modernize their surroundings.

Feeling floral

Florals have been a thing for a while now…and when I say a while…I mean centuries! Undeniably pretty, vibrant and always tasteful, there are so many ways you could add a floral feature into your space. Here are my personal picks:

So, there we have it. All that’s left for you to do, is pick a design and get it done. I promise, it’ll be so worth it.

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