Maria’s Edit: Valentine’s Vibes

Love is in the air – why not give a little to your interiors? 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’ve been considering what I like to call the “palettes of passion” that emerge ready for this special day. The reds, blushes and flowers all around got me thinking about how well these themes could be applied to our interiors. Let me show you…

Funky Florals

When I say Valentine’s red, I’m sure you’re inundated with thoughts of sickly sweet chocolate boxes and classic commercial marketing campaigns. But, these are actually two themes that pair beautifully together all year round. For those who love a loud design – Valentine’s red is the delicious pop of color you’ve been craving, just look for yourself!

Soft and sensual

Remember, red doesn’t always have to be loud. You can still make a statement through soft and sensual tones…

Styling tip: To create a softer effect, when pairing these wallcoverings, try to pull out colors from the existing patterns.

Blushingly bold

Blush tones are a very popular interior trend. But, it often comes with the fear of hyper-feminizing the space. The good news is, it doesn’t have to – you just need to pair it right. And guess what? Red is a brilliant way to go…

You see? By adding the deeper, bold tones of red to the lighter blushes, you create a vibrant effect that’s a twist on the trend everyone will love.

A palette that pops

Want to incorporate pops of that Valentine’s palette, while maintaining a light and bright air to the space?

These styles are ideal for those looking for a versatile wallcovering that can complement a variety of furnishings – making them the perfect choice for a mini room update! 

I hope you enjoyed this mini exploration into the styling possibilities around the vibes of Valentine’s. Browse my full selection of picks from our offerings here at NewWall, today.