Maria’s Edit: Wrapped & Ready for Gift-Giving Season

It’s official, the season of gift-giving is here. With Thanksgiving already under our belts (for us Canadians anyway), and Christmas on the way, I thought this would be the perfect time to start thinking about gifts for loved ones ready for the holiday season. 

Maria here, today I’m sharing with you my top picks for wallpaper gift ideas to help make your preparations that little bit easier.

#1: A DIY Dream

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Maria, It’s all well and good gifting a beautiful wallpaper, but how are they going to install it?”. I hear you, but not all wallpaper is tricky to put up. In fact, some are what I’d call a DIY dream.

Hidden Puma (left) and Hollyhocks Autumn (right) are both super easy to install, making them an ideal gift for first-time wallpaper users.

#2: Splashing out

I always say that thought is more important than price when it comes to gift giving. But, if you’re wanting to splash the cash and go for the wow factor this holiday season, I’ve got a couple of great suggestions for you…

Alex Proba (left) and Atmosphere Daybreak (right) are truly pieces of art. You’re basically gifting your loved one a wall-sized masterpiece! Now that’s what I call extravagant.

#3 Cozy Creators

Got a loved one who’s a bit cramped for space? Well, with the right wallpaper, you could help them transform cramped into cozy.

Mercedes (left) and Palau(right) are utterly charming, especially in smaller spaces. Their busy yet balanced designs work to add depth to a space, rather than take away from it.

#4: Boujee on a budget

When I say designer wallpaper, I know you immediately think of the designer price tag. But you can absolutely be boujee on a budget, especially with these cracking sale items…

Napoleon  Bee (left) and Blossom Branch (right) are both beautiful designs that won’t break the bank.

#5: Livin’ in a Renter’s Paradise

Making a rented space your own is a challenge. Give the gift of individuality, with a wallpaper mural that promises to make the space their own.

Uh oh – are they not allowed to install wallpaper? These designs could still add character in a different way…

Kyoto (left) and Vergel Azul (right) are beautiful murals that work brilliantly as artwork in a giant frame. Now that’s a gift to remember. 

So, there we have it. I hope you found these wallpaper gift ideas helpful. Be sure to check out my other favorite designs here at NewWall.