New Arrivals: Atlas from Wallpaper Projects

Great art is expression through experimentation. Fabulous interiors inject artistry into spaces. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Wallpaper Projects, and the new design we have here at NewWall.

A little about Wallpaper Projects

Wallpaper Projects is a boutique design studio, that specializes in custom-made, custom-fit wallpaper. Collaborating with artists and clients alike, while continually experimenting with new forms and practices, Wallpaper Projects is always at the forefront of interior innovations.

From loud, eye-catching features to soft and subtle designs, our collection of Wallpaper Projects’ wall murals never ceases to amaze. And our latest addition is no exception.

Wallpaper Projects X Brooke Holm

Their latest collaboration was with Brooke Holm. Her work explores the connection and relationship between humans and their natural environment. Complex, varied and often striking, Holm focuses on revering the sublime elements of nature, while examining the human context within.

And this is the concept that was used to create Atlas, with Wallpaper Projects.

Meet Atlas

The collaboration between Wallpaper Projects and Brooke Holm culminated in the stunning new design, Atlas. 

Available in 2 colorways, Atlas is an aerial perspective of the elemental forces at play in our environment. It’s a celebration of the perplexing relationship between the human and natural world. In this design, landforms collide in a euphony of texture, color, shape and pattern. And, we think it’s the missing piece in your interior.

Atlas 1

Atlas 1 features a soft pallet, that would beautifully complement a relaxing living space or bedroom. Personally, we recommend pairing with round edge furnishings and rustic, wood features for a modern, yet classically neutral effect.

Atlas 2

Atlas 2 makes it difficult to believe these are the same design. Soft pinks are replaced with rich blues and rippling golds, to create a vibrant, eye-catching effect. Introduce as a feature wall for an effortlessly stylish upgrade to your space. 

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to our new arrival from Wallpaper Projects, why not take a look at their full collection of murals? 

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