New Arrivals in April: Timorous Beasties

The time has come. One deep breath of fresh air and finally it’s springtime. Time for blossoming trees, light skies at night and that yearly spring clean – and with that being said, why not indulge in an interior design revamp with the new Timorous Beasties Collection of wallpapers.

Sakura Cork Yellow

Are you looking for a boost of serotonin in your space? Sakura Cork features brown entwined branches sprouting from the ground up. The blossoming white and red flowers promise to enhance your space with an invigorating sense of Spring.  Available in four pastel colors, the wallpaper would be a great addition to your hallway or dining room to bestow a happy welcome to guests.

Alpine Toile Grey

Perhaps you’re heading to the ski cottage for the spring. Why not Integrate Alpine Toile into your vacation space? It’s an enchanting choice to accompany your rustic wooden furniture ensemble. Enjoy the monochromatic images of avid snowsports enthusiasts hitting the slopes, swerving off-piste and enjoying the ride amidst the pine.

Hodge Splodge Blue

Gaze into the mystery that is Hodge Splodge, with tonal blues and lashes of unpredictable metallic sheen strokes. The abstract wallpaper presents similar attributes to Jackson Pollocks’ artistic forte. If you opt for a clean and contemporary aesthetic and are looking for a splash of color, depth and texture, this paper is an exceptional choice for you.

Gerhard Gum Blue

Here we have a showstopping piece – Gerhard Gum. This piece seems to reflect the illusion of blue fire and lava, with a metallic sheen finish. You will have no problem attracting your guest’s attention to the pattern of the detailed cracks on the paper. Gerhard Gum would be best paired with a dark ensemble of furniture to inject real design impact.


Enjoying the metallic theme provided by the Timorous Beasties Collection? Well, we have one more jaw-dropping piece that you don’t want to overlook. If you’re an aquatic fanatic then this Jellyfish paper is for you. Featuring the awe-inspiring creatures from under the sea, this piece screams for attention. The variety and detail of all types of jellyfish from under the sea create a fun perspective within your room. In addition to that, the metallic color range adds depth to the piece corresponding with the deep dark depth of the sea.

We truly hope that you’re inspired by the New Arrivals from the Timorous Beasties Collection. Please note that we would recommend getting a sample of the metallic pieces as the digital photos do not do them justice.

If you’d like to explore them further please visit our Timorous Beasties collection or even order a sample online.

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