New Arrivals in February

Spring is getting close, and along with it a sense of renewal and excitement of new possibilities. Here are three new astounding unique wallpaper collections from Wallpaper Projects.

A little about Wallpaper Projects

A boutique design studio specializing in the production and installation of custom made, custom fit, high end, self adhesive wallpaper and fabric murals, Wallpaper Projects has transformed traditional uses of wallpaper. Their designs are ideal for residential, retail, corporate interiors and special events offering abstract, mesmerizing and unique wallpaper with transformative qualities. By working closely with artists and clients, Wallpaper Projects increasingly experiment with various materials and chemical processes to extraordinary effect. 

All designs have Type 11 Silver Mylar Substrate that offer a unique metallic quality.

New arrivals at NewWall


The Heat Collection provides you with splendid mercurial murals. For those who prefer darker notes and tones, Heat Studies 6 and 1 are the designs for you,  conjuring dark rich bronzes with midnight blue to astonishing effect. 

For those seeking a lighter pallet to introduce to their space, Heat Studies  2 and 5 proffer more celestial hues with a hint of Aurora Borealis.

Do you have an attraction to juxtaposed shapes, textures and materials? Ephemera is the wallpaper that fits the bill. 

Ephemera is generally defined as collectable memorabilia that is used for a short term purpose. The play on using artistic scraps and offcuts creates the vast abstract display of muted tones. The subdued hues are suited to those who long for a relaxed habitat, while making a keen artistic statement.

For a design that soars out of this world, there’s no finer example than Heat Studies 4. This offers a blend of the other designs that finds a magical balance of cosmic imagery. All of them are stratospheric in every way!


The Surface Collection features alchemical artworks that offer you a spectrum of choices. Discover Surface Dark Water for example,  brooding with ethereal light and illuminated shifting shades and forms – it promises to transform your space.

Surface Texture 2 on the other hand offers an ebullient explosion of rich warmth with its use of yellow, bronze and gold. An elixir of color that cascades opulently on any wall.

Surface Lapis is exactly as the name suggests evoking a wonderfully wicked deep blue starry night sky, Lapis Lazuli’s appearance is uniform blue and constituted from lazurite calcite and pyrite that creates gold flecks within the metamorphic rock.

VCD Surface

The VCD Surface Collection Surface Light Water is fabulously fluid and full of fun. Let your imagination run riot with this design that will never fail to engage your senses.

 VCD Surface Study N.2 offers a sojourn into space and a glimpse at matter. The wonders of experimentation and skill are sublime. This conjures a plethora of design opportunities.

We truly hope that you’re inspired by our new arrivals from Wallpaper Projects. If you’d like to explore them further please visit our new arrivals page or even order a sample online.

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