New Arrivals in November

Lyric wallpaper collection draws inspiration from tranquil coastal towns where clustered homes and winding streets merge seamlessly with the mountainside landscape. These homes are scattered across remote islands, forming a unique collective architecture that can be appreciated from both the sea and land perspectives. Lyric captures the interplay between the fluid architectural shapes and the sharp angles cast by the sun, creating ever-changing patterns that blend geometric and random elements.

Kaleidoscope is an artistic exploration of a dreamlike landscape that reveals the ever-changing nature of our environment through a shift in perspective. Inspired by the work of Paul Cézanne, the design creates a captivating patchwork of colors on the wall, resembling the complex patterns seen through a kaleidoscope. The brushstrokes blend loose, evocative lines with expansive washes, conveying a continuous evolution and the dynamic essence of life.

Botanica is a guest designer collection by artist Cody Hoyt that combines painting, printmaking, and ceramics. The collection explores the dynamic interplay between permanence and transience. Hoyt’s work features intricate patterns within patterns and landscapes within landscapes, creating a controlled yet chaotic design reminiscent of nature’s own complexity.

Discover the latest in design with our captivating new arrivals! From stunning textures to vibrant palettes, our newest collection is sure to elevate your space.