New Arrivals – January

Introducing Calico: New Arrivals

2022 has emerged, and what could be better than entering a new year with new possibilities and fresh starts? A brand new Calico wallpaper collection, courtesy of NewWall!

Find yourself in awe of these magnificent pieces that transport you to a home from home. Whether you’re looking to channel your nostalgia, challenge your boundaries or make a big statement, these 3 new Calico wallpaper collections are for you.

Dreams of adventure, escape or freedom. Delve into the great expedition of 

Wanderlust – for those who are fascinated with the allure of unchartered territories and mysterious rainforests. Get lost in the beauty of hand painted succulent plants and flowering foliage amongst a blur tinted gaze into the unknown. 

This new collection would transform a dining room or entertainment space into a magical oasis. We see the wanderlust paired with simplistic woven furniture to direct attention to the forest – the addition of tall ferns or howea forsteriana would not go amiss.

Do you have an attraction to juxtaposed shapes, textures and materials? Ephemera is the wallpaper that fits the bill. 

Ephemera is generally defined as collectable memorabilia that is used for a short term purpose. The play on using artistic scraps and offcuts creates the vast abstract display of muted tones. The subdued hues are suited to those who long for a relaxed habitat, while making a keen artistic statement.

The ensemble and dynamic composition is inspired by 20th century modernists such as Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Corbusier and Brâncuși. 

The collection is complemented by contemporary earthy furniture and sleek edges to contrast perfectly with the noise of Ephemera. The versatility and possibilities are endless with the (literal) cutting edge design. Envisage ‘Ephemera’ in a living and dining environment, taking your home design to the next level of sophistication and poise.

For those with fond memories by the gentle ocean currents, Wilds provides remembrance close to home. Named after the coastal destinations from upstate New York through to Mexico and the Mediterranean, Wilds wallpaper design portrays ever-growing seagrass evoking a feeling of relaxation and movement. Wilds is best partnered with a light oak interior to add to the tranquil atmosphere and surroundings.

Several species of Orchids were used as reference points to differ from the wild untamed grass. Connotations of three of the earth’s elements, earth, wind, and water, present a psychological feeling of being grounded and in touch with nature. This expertly drawn collection would be perfect for the bedroom or living area, and complemented by an aesthetic of minimal furniture to portray calm amongst the ‘Wild’.

We truly hope that you’re inspired by our new arrivals from Calico. If you’d like to explore them further please visit our new arrivals page or even order a sample online.

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