New Arrivals: September

As the calendar turns to September, a subtle shift begins to color the world around us. The air carries a crisper edge, leaves trade their verdant shades for a rich tapestry of reds, oranges, and yellows, and the atmosphere brims with a sense of anticipation. Our newest arrivals, all from New Zealand-based designer Emma Hayes, capture the essence of this transition flawlessly, bringing the warmth and beauty of autumn directly to your home.


A harmonious blend of vibrant pigments that cascade and meld like watercolor paint on delicate paper. The result? A captivating masterpiece that graces your home with an ethereal and dreamy ambiance. Wash wallpaper serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty that arises when colors merge and blend, creating a breathtaking visual symphony that captures the essence of both nature’s unpredictability and the delicate touch of human creativity.

This paper is available in 5 colorways in both residential and commercial grade.


This design captures the essence of a wave in its eternal dance – a blend of power and grace, movement and serenity. The palette of the Wave wallpaper design (available in both residential and commercial grade) reflects the various moods of the sea, from tranquil blues that evoke a calm morning tide to deeper, more dramatic hues that speak of the ocean’s mystery and depth. Whether you’re seeking a moment of contemplation or a reminder of the boundless energy of the sea, this new arrival offers a captivating escape to a realm where time stands still and motion is eternal.


An artful exploration of the mystical interplay between light, air, and the mirage of water. The Mirage wallpaper design transports you to an enchanting realm where parched earth seemingly gives way to a shimmering oasis. The colors shift and blend seamlessly, mirroring the sky’s palette and reflecting the viewer’s yearning for the cool relief of water.

It comes in metallic grasscloth, with non-woven paper backing in 4 colourways.

Note of caution: Like a true grasscloth, the mirage pattern does not match at the seams. It is designed to be installed as shown for even colour dispersion. To read more on reasons to choose grasscloth wallpaper, read our past post here.

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