New Arrivals: Tres Tintas

From bold botanicals to subtle scenes below sea level, read on to discover our range of new arrivals as we’ve received not one, but two stunning new collections from the one and only Tres Tintas.

A little about Tres Tintas

Established in 2004 following a 64-year heritage within the wallpaper industry, Tres Tintas has grown into a globally renowned, family-owned design house. Their creative niche surrounds contemporary, urban, avant-garde and provocative concepts that are stunningly translated into wallpaper murals. Most recently, these concepts are carried through two new collections, Ítera and Tafetán.

Introducing Ítera

From printing to engraving, this collection is inspired by traditional art and crafts to bring freshness and originality into your surroundings.

Deep in nature

For those who love a moody, deep pallet, Olivae (left) and Pino Marrón (right) are must-haves for you. Earthy and natural, yet sleek and modern, these designs are perfect for those looking to make a bit of a statement.

Sweet Simplicity

Murals are often thought of as features that dominate a space. And while that is certainly an option, it’s by no means the only option. The below designs are proof of that. See, sweet simplicity in design that promises to amplify mood and character without overpowering your furnishings.

City Scenes

Inject the vibrance and warmth of spain into your space, with Villa Salmón. As the name suggests, this design is comprised of lovely villas overlapping, to brilliant effect.

Introducing Tafetán

Here to create perpetual vacations from home. The Tafetán collection is designed with transportational qualities in mind, inviting you a little escapism for your interiors.

Towering trees

Nature is one of the most telling signs of geographical location. From the lush, deep greens of the Amazon to the beautiful blossoms of Japan, take a look at some of the towering trees this collection celebrates.

Above & below

For those looking to be transported to tranquility, Vivero, is the ultimate choice. A reminder of the resilience and beauty of life, these lush green scenes are the perfect choice for those looking to inject some calm into their space.

So, that’s above, but what about below? Below our Earth lies secrets of our history that we have the opportunity to uncover. And that is what Fodera, portrays so perfectly. An abstract, bold design outlining a fossilised shape, Fodera is a wonderful representation of discovery, history and life.

Minimal, yet magical

For those seeking subtlety in their escapism,  the Tafetán collection will certainly not disappoint. You’ll find an array of gorgeous possibilities, that effortlessly provide secret garden paradise scenes, without overpowering the space.

Wade in the water

We know more about our solar system than we do about our seas. The ultimate adventures lie within the waters of our own planet. Tres Tintas invites you to wade through the waters, to appreciate the life that exists both above, and below.

Like what you see? Be sure to explore the full new collections from Tres Tintas, today.