New Arrivals: Woodcraft from Coordonné

Experience extraordinary elegance, with Coordonné’s latest collection, Woodcraft. Here, organic materials are blended to achieve stunning geometric effects, the perfect new feature for your space in 2023.

A little about Woodcraft

Coordonné’s famed globally for its extensive craftsmanship, and this latest collection is no exception. Created by wall panelling specialists whose experience dates back centuries, Woodcraft experiments with the compatibility of wood and cork. Designs are assembled onto metal bases, to create geometric shapes that achieve extraordinary elegance.

Wheat Spike

This stunning creation emulates the fine lines of wheat in a chevron pattern (both wide, and narrow). The pattern works seamlessly with a deepening pallet, that’s available in an array of colors, to make this design pop. Notice how the design has a 3D effect? 


Hexagon is an oh-so-pleasing twist of metallics, woodgrain and colour that promises to add character and style to your space. Wood patterns vary by each hexagon to mirror authentic wood panelling.

Polar Star

Polar Star is incredibly easy on the eyes. Soft, symmetrical perfection is acheived through the textures of natural woodgrain. Coordonné’s command of craft truly shines here, with such a subtle blend of nature and geometry.

Kaleido Bamboo

Kaleido Bamboo is here for those who want to make a bold statement. The more you look, the more you see, as diamonds morph into squares, that then divide before your very eyes. 

Diamond Cork

Earthy elegance is encapsulated with Diamond Cork. Flecks of gold emerge through soft neutral tones and pleasing shapes to create a design that instantly adds a unique touch to any space.

Tiles Cork

Tiles Cork is all about simplicity, spiced with texture. Textured, dark-to-light squares spattered with glorious gold are a great way to add a modern touch to your space.

Arrow Cork

For those seeking subtlety in their escapism,  the Tafetán collection will certainly not disappoint. You’ll find an array of gorgeous possibilities, that effortlessly provide secret garden paradise scenes, without overpowering the space.

We hope you enjoyed this peek at the new Woodcraft collection. Explore in more depth, today.