New Arrivals: Coordonné’s Naturae Collection

We’re elated to share with you an exclusive preview of the House of Coordonné’s eagerly anticipated new collection entitled Naturae by Joana Santamans.

There is a sea of change brokering a strong tide of interest in marine themed designs. Coordonné are buoyantly leading the flotilla of major design houses and are making a splash with their unique Naturae Collection.

Let’s take a look at Santaman’s Marine inspired designs in this collection that take sea creature murals to new depths.

Her creative mind and expert hands have conjured up some of the most incredible images to delight and amaze onlookers. Whether you are angling for serene marine hues, or your very own magnificent aquarium hosting the sea creatures in magnificent majesty, you will not be disappointed. 

The designs in the Naturae collection are pictorially stunning illustrations of oceans, seas and the magical eco-systems that exist beneath the waves.  In the lead up to the official launch, we’d like to tempt your senses with a selection of murals…


Humpback Whale


Marvel at Coordonné’s mighty Humpback Whale suspended in deep sea hues. Available in vintage, night, grey and ocean color schemes, this beautiful creature is the perfect feature for a range of interiors. 

A striking historic and cultural symbol of communication, emotional healing and wisdom, the whale carries natural significance in a familial space, such as a dining or living room.




Intelligence, unconventionality, unpredictability: the Octopus carries incredible symbolism that’s just waiting to be explored. 

Octopus X-Ray showcases a striking octopus in full flight. Using only dual tones and expert positioning, this design perfectly captures the unique motion for which this creature is known, making the illustration seem suspended in time, and could resume movement at any moment.

 This piece is perfectly placed in a creative working environment to inspire and captivate imagination.


Deep Ocean


Coordonné invites you to dive into a deep sea dream, far from the world we know, in their mystical, Deep Ocean design.  Drift into tranquil, undiscovered beauty, and explore to find exotic fish darting among the coral in resplendent colors. 

A veritable marine treat served in a deep  blue and deep green palette, Deep Ocean is the perfect addition to a space of complete relaxation, such as a spa or bedroom.


Bank of Fish


Bank of Fish depicts an exotic species of fish navigating through seaweed. This design provides a surprising warmth and positivity that encourages feelings of optimism, making it an ideal piece for a study or artistic space. 

Pair with hardwood furnishings classic meets modern interior that’s sure to impress.


Sea Current


Leonardo Da Vinci believed that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and we can’t think of a better example of this, than the Sea Current Mural. 

Offering a magical sea life scene, featuring fish swimming in sea currents and is available in 3 colours, this charming design adds character and taste that perfectly complements a range of spaces. 

We cannot wait to share the official launch of Coordonné’s Naturae collection with you, but in the meantime please explore the extensive range of other Marine Life designs. available.