New Arrivals: Wall & Deco’s Essentials

Explore a new reality with Wall&decò’s Essential collection.

Wall&decò’s Essential collection is truly stellar and ready to set the interior design world alight with the new reality explored in each design. This collection offers not just a visual extravaganza, but a textural one too. They guard their reputation as leaders in their field as highly exclusive designers, so please let us share their journey with you and open up new textural galaxies.

Wall&decò were and remain pioneers of mural design. The brainchild and creative director of this legendary company Christian Benini, propelled Wall&decò to superstardom within the interior design world twenty years ago. They continue to innovate the sector with robust cultural design sensibilities that fuse past and present aesthetics.

The Essential collection boasts a range of textures, inlays, engravings and relief patterns that have been created in partnership between Christian Benini and architect Andre Fu from the Milan design agency Studiopepe. The new reality that is envisioned by this tremendous partnership between Christian and Andre has incredible design possibilities.  

“Material research is  key to interpreting the Essential Wallpaper Collection” say the designers, and they are undoubtedly right. 

Let’s discover together the surfaces ready to be explored with the hands as well as seen. A universe of micro signs, 3D textures, inlays, engravings and light details in metal that create real bas-reliefs await you in each design. 

As an entree, let’s begin with the transfixing depth and texture experienced in the Hikari design. Created by Studiopepe, in collaboration with Wall&decò, Hikari draws its inspiration from origami where two dimensional objects are folded and transformed into 3 dimensions. Highly crafted, the texture is phenomenal. Available in 3 striking colors on non-woven fabric substrate with a vinyl surface.


Essential – Hikari


Similar in style is Ashi, also boasting mesmerizing depth.  The metallic textures are phenomenal and work together to create a three dimensional landscape for any interior space.


Essential – Ashi


Finally, let’s take a look at Yoku by Christian Benini. The refreshing design evokes an air of grace and elegance. Metal elements of platinum, gold and silver are applied onto engravings that encourage the viewer to explore the surfaces, both visually and physically. 


Essential – Yoku


All in all, the Essential Collection boasts access to 16 iconic designs each with an exciting twist. We encourage you to explore the full collection of geometric progression, background graphics and repetitive patterns. Contemporary and luxurious, Wall&decò champion the highest artisan skills, making them one of the most elusive and exclusive brands available.

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