New Arrivals: August

Hello reader, Maria here with a thrilling preview of our latest offerings at NewWall. I’m elated to share this month’s range of exciting new wallpapers with you – rest assured they will stir some spectacular interior inspiration! 


We have the pleasure to welcome three new creations from the geniuses at Timorous Beasties. With a focus on life beneath our oceans, these designs allow us to dive deep into creative possibilities.

I’m excited to present the Fine Coral collection. Available in eight breathtaking colors, the Fine Coral wallpaper collection offers a wealth of opportunity for interior creations. This roll format, gorgeous, non-woven wallpaper is the ideal match for those seeking subtle elegance with a gentle twist, paying homage to the florals of the sea.

Fine Coral Dusky by Timorous Beasties


The second of Timorous Beasties’ latest creations offers vibrant warmth to your space. In the Seashore Galore wallpaper, bold and brilliant sea creatures climb beautifully crafted coral trellises. This non-woven, magnificent multi-color pallet calls for a space that’s just dying for a touch of character.

Seashore Galore by Timorous Beasties


Last, but certainly not least, we have the Fine Seaweed Faux Suede. What I adore about this design, reader, is it’s deceptive nature. At a glance, this appears to be a stunning portrayal of climbing flowers. However, when taking a deeper look, it becomes crystal clear that these climbers are in fact, seaweed, gracefully swaying in the ocean. This timeless wallpaper offers effortless style that promises to co-exist harmoniously in an array of interiors.

Fine Seaweed Faux Suede by Timorous Beasties


Thank you, for exploring our latest offerings with me, reader. I do hope these designs have helped you on your search for interior inspiration. Please visit our dedicated New Arrivals page to browse this collection in full.