New Arrivals: March

Spring is all about fresh starts. And here at NewWall, we’re certainly on to a good season. We’ve been greeted with some gorgeous new arrivals from Calico and Timorous Beasties – all of which offer incredible opportunities for interior transformations. Let’s take a look.

Loving the Light, with Calico

Our latest arrivals from Calico are all about light. How it reacts with its surroundings, the shadows it casts, and the artist motifs it creates.

There’s nothing quite like lazing in a cozy sunspot. Calico has taken that feeling and conveyed it beautifully through Bask. Available in 7 stunning colors, Bask allows the sun to peek through the blinds, no matter the weather!

Sylvan is a study of the choreography of light, landscape and shadow. The ever-evolving dance of these elements is captured effortlessly through hues, shapes and lines, and promises to be a stunning addition to your interior.

Impression takes the theme of light in a different direction. This beautiful creation is an abstract immersion of the senses. That is, the way you perceive it depends on where you stand, and where the light hits. Notice how the center glows, whereas the right side mutes? Calico has offered this beauty in 6 stunning colors.

Making a statement, with Timorous Beasties

No one quite does pattern like Timorous Beasties. And their new arrivals are certainly no exception.

Gerhard Gum is the vibrant transformer you’ve all been waiting for. Available in 4 eye-catching colors, in both fabric and wallpaper, this design is the injection of character your interior longs for.

There’s no better way go bold, than with gold. Golden Oriole allows you to do just that, with its brilliant, rich background (available in 4 beautiful shades), and adorned with intricately crafted plants and birds. The perfect statement piece for 2023. 

Love what you’ve seen? Browse our full collection of new arrivals here at NewWall, today.